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Please see the Tigershark's team page at
Posted 13:45, 18 Jun 2010
Is there anyway to pull out the top times for your division? We are in Princemont so are looking for top swimmners within Princemont?
Posted 18:13, 28 Jun 2010
someone should check the lake manassas blue dolphins girls team they have two girls that have not lost a race all year
Posted 21:46, 24 Jul 2010
Please note that yout top times includes some but not all results from PMSL divisional meets on July 24. The top times lists actually includes only the A division results. Most of the top times, at least for 14-year-old girls, came from B divsision. Would appreciate an update. thanks.
Posted 11:57, 27 Jul 2010
yeah, we had some trouble getting the other divisional results in, but they're in there now. (Turns out we had teams in the wrong division for the whole season and nobody apparently noticed... )
Posted 18:52, 29 Jul 2010
Will this site be continuing during the winter months?
Posted 00:54, 17 Aug 2010
As a parent of a first time all-star in the Princemont swim league it was great to see the talented kids swim in very competitive meets. My daughter is a 10 year old who went up against 2 of the best in the area in Sidney Mathis and Tyla Jackson who both broke several league records this year and will at some time or another be dominant in the prince georges county area. They pushed my daughter into her best time ever, wish we could swim against them all the time. This is a great site keep it up!
Posted 01:02, 17 Aug 2010
Does anyone know where I can find this years Metros qualifications for MCPS?
Posted 21:48, 18 Jan 2011
Basic things for children is swiming all should take a practice to how to swim,,,,,,,thanks

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Posted 11:15, 7 Feb 2011
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Posted 13:04, 5 Oct 2011
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Posted 00:34, 11 Mar 2012
Have the top times been set up? or am i doing something wrong. Can't get it to work. Anyone else having problems?
Posted 11:53, 22 Jun 2012
This is the same person --
Reilly, Christopher P
Reilly, Christopher Peter
Reilly, Christopher
from Garrett Park Swim Team. Can you combine the records?
Posted 01:24, 30 Jul 2011
Posted 02:26, 3 Jul 2012
Posted 14:27, 3 Jul 2012
The Theresa Banks Tigersharks are ready to win a fourth Champiomship in four years amassing a 20-0 record over this time period. The Tigershark rule the waters of the A division, Happy hunting at divisionals next week.
Posted 23:49, 12 Jul 2014
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