Adding Videos

Now you can create videos like the one below for all your meets and embed them on your team page! Here's how:


Movies from:

How did I do this? I copied the following code onto my team page.

{{wiki.template("Multimedia",{mediaUrl: ""})}}

To learn how to do this from start to finish, read on:

Using youtube and

You first need to either create a youtube account or sign-in to a pre-existing account. Once you're signed in to youtube just click on the yellow upload button and follow the instructions. Copy the url for your video.

Now go to You don't even have to create an account (if you do create an account, though, you can always go back and add videos to your playlist). Just type the name of the playlist you'd like to create such as "MySwimTeam2009" and click the get started button. Paste in the url that you copied from youtube (and, if you've posted multiple vidoes on youtube) paste those in as well.

Once you've uploaded your video(s), click on the "preview playlist" button in the light blue box on the left. And if, you're happy with it, click on the "create playlist" button.

Your playlist will open in a different window. Highlight and copy the url that's listed in the blue box on the right. It'll look something like ""

Now just follow the the simple instructions below on how to embed this video playlist on to your team page. Have fun!


Adding the Video to Your Team Page:

After you're done with embedr work, paste your embedr url somewhere (such as a word document or an e-mail; you'll need to use it in just a second). Come back to this page and copy the code below, but replace the xxxxxxxxxxx with the full url you just copied and pasted somewhere (include the http://)

{{wiki.template("Multimedia",{mediaUrl: "xxxxxxxxxxx"})}}

One example is:

{{wiki.template("Multimedia",{mediaUrl: ""})}}

Now you're ready to add your video to your page.

Log in to, navigate to your team page, click on the Edit page link, and paste in the full code which now includes your photo set's url wherever you want your slideshow to be displayed.

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Works great! Thanks for adding this.

Reach for the Wall link:

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