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2014-2015 SEASON

Churchill Cruises to Victory 



Saturday, January 24, 2015:  The Churchill Bulldogs turned in a strong performance on Senior Day to easily defeat Northwood 276-40.  Racing against a lower division team about a third of its size, the Dawgs were able to utilize many different swimmers and give their regulars a chance to swim “off” events.  The victory contributed to the celebratory mood of the post-meet ceremony which honored swimmers and divers from the Class of 2015.

The girls’ team won its portion of the meet by a score of 138-22.  In the 200 Medley Relay, Churchill took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Swimmers in the winning relay were all seniors: Elaina Gu, Elizabeth Gelbaugh, Grace Pereles and Rachel Caplan The juniors came in second:  Fiona Asbury, Mara Kaplan, Katie Wright and Hannah Lindsey.     A second team of seniors were third:  Emily Jin, Kriza Sy, Hannah Lee and Cosette Melcher.     In the 200 free, a trio of juniors placed.     Katie Karayianis won, Corinna Lin was 2nd, and Jessica Ding was 3rd.    So Hanan Bandak won the 200 IM, with FR Esther Quackenbush and FR Becky Wolfson coming in 2nd and 3rd.     FR Ashley Zonghetti just out-touched FR Alice Zhu to win the 50 Free, while Melcher was 3rd.     Pereles took the 100 fly race, followed by SO Sarah O’Brien and SO Sarah Lee.   In the 100 free, it was Quackenbush in 1st, Melcher in 2nd and Caplan in 3rd.     Katie Karayianis won the 500 freestyle, followed by FR Beth Wright and FR Christina Karayianis.     Churchill went 1, 2, 3 in the 100 backstroke with Lin winning the event, followed by Jin and JR Kelsey Ridge.     The 100 breaststroke saw Gelbaugh in 1st, SR Christina Poerstel in 2nd and SO Hallie Srebnick in 3rd.     The Bulldogs dominated the freestyle relay with seniors taking first place with a team of Caplan, Leyla Herbst, Jin and Poerstel.     The sophomores took second place:  O’Brien, Mackenzie Fisher, Laney Williams and Srebnick.     And, the junior team of Ding, Katie Karayianis, Lin and Lily Payton came in third.

On the boys’ side, it was Churchill 138, Northwood 18.     An all-sophomore team won the 200 Medley Relay:  Owen Hall, Alex Chung, David Chang and Andy Rothstein.     The Bulldog team of SR Kyle Zonghetti, JR Dariush Youssefiani, FR Sanjay Wijesekera and JR Christian Haryanto came in second.     And the senior team of Colton Neubauer, Drew Gerber, Alan Yan and Eddie Yao were third.     SO Jerry Lu won the 200 free, while SR Chris Cochran was 2nd and SO Theo Margas was 3rd.    In the 200 IM, it was SO Noah Pereles in 1st, SO Matthew Tiberino in 2nd and Chung in 3rd.     Chang took the 50 free, with Cochran in 2nd and Lu in 3rd.     SR Colin Mackey won the 100 butterfly with SO Kyle Barclay taking 2nd and Youssefiani placing 3rd.    The 100 free saw Yao in 1st, Haryanto in 2nd and SO Allan Lee in 3rd place.     SR Grant Taylor won the 500 free, while FR Brian Pan and FR Jack Dager finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.     Sophomores Rothstein, Hall and Chung dominated the 100 back, going 1, 2 and 3 in that race.     Noah Pereles won the 100 breastroke, followed by Gerber in 2nd and Wijesekera in 3rd.     In the final swim event of the morning, the freestyle relay, it was Churchill seniors winning the race: Cochran, Zonghetti, Yao, and Mackey.     In second place were Chang, Margas, Haryanto and SO Zachary Einhorn.     In third place was another group of seniors:  Taylor, Yan, Neubauer and Gerber.

Since Northwood did not field any divers in the competition, Churchill took first and second places in the boys’ and girls’ events.     For the girls, it was SO Isabel Rayner in 1st and SO Zoe Roussos in 2nd.     For the boys, it was SR Andrew Marders in 1st and SR Kyle Zonghetti in 2nd.    

Churchill competes at Divisionals next Saturday, January 31st.     The meet will be held at the Germantown Aquatic Center.  Go Bulldogs!


Churchill Girls and Boys Victorious over Wootton 



Saturday, January 17, 2015:  The Bulldogs soundly defeated their rival, the Patriots of Thomas Wootton High School, by winning both the girls’ and boys’ competitions.   The combined score was Churchill 221-Wootton 121.    The still undefeated girls’ team won their portion of the meet 119-52, while the boys got back on track by a score of 102-69.   

Diving for the final time in a high school dual meet, SR Kali Becker won the girls’ dive event, and her teammate, Semira Kehnemouyi (SO) was 3rd.    SO Mory Gould took the boys’ contest, while SO Sam Kressman placed 3rd.

As has been the case all season, it was the depth of the swim team that propelled them to victory.    In the first race of the day, the 200 medley relay, Churchill placed 2nd and 3rd.    The A relay was comprised of SO Matthew Tiberino, JR Dariush Youssefiani, SO David Chang and SR Kyle Zonghetti.     The B team swimmers were SO Alexander Chung, SR Edward Yao, SR Drew Gerber and SO Jerry Lu.    The Bulldogs came back to see FR Sanjay Wijesekera win the 200 free with sophomores Zach Einhorn and Noah Pereles taking 3rd and 4th respectively.    In the 200 IM, it was SO Andy Rothstein in 2nd, SR Chris Cochran in 3rd and Chang in 4th.    Sprinters Colin Mackey (SR) and Lucky Sun (JR) took 2nd and 3rd in the 50 free.    Yao, Chang and Tiberino went 2, 3, and 4 in the 100 butterfly.    The 100 free saw Mackey in 2nd, Einhorn in 3rd and Lu in 4th.    In the first win of the morning, Pereles took the 500 free, with fellow sophomores Rothstein and Owen Hall finishing 2nd and 3rd.    Wijesekera then won the 100 backstroke, while Tiberino placed 4th and Sun was 5th.    Youssefiani finished 1st in the 100 breaststroke, with Gerber in 3rd and Chung in 4th.    The boys finished strong by taking 1st and 2nd in the 400 free relay.    The A relay was made up of Einhorn, Sun, Wijesekera and Mackey; the B relay included Pereles, Cochran, Lu and Rothstein.  

The Churchill girls started off strong, taking 1st and 2nd in the 200 medley relay.  FR Beth Wright, JR Fiona Asbury, SO Emily Wang and JR Katie Wright swam on the A relay, while the B team was made up of SR Emily Jin, SR Hannah Lee, FR Esther Quackenbush and SR Cosette Melcher.  JR Hannah Lindsey won the 200 free, and her teammates, Grace Pereles (SR) and Mara Kaplan (JR),finished 3rd and 4th.  In the 200 Individual Medley, Wang was 2nd, JR Kelsey Ridge was 3rd and Quackenbush was 4th.  SR Elaina Gu sprinted to victory in the 50 free, while SO Hanan Bandak was 3rd and Katie Wright took 4th.  Gu won her second event of the day in the 100 butterfly, with Kaplan in 2nd and Lee in 4th.  Wang took the 100 free, and Bandak finished 3rd and Katie Wright 4th.  Asbury and Grace Pereles went 1, 2 in the 500 free, with FR Christina Karayianis coming in 4th.  Lindsey took her second win in the 100 backstroke, and Beth Wright came in 2nd, with Ridge in 3rd.  In the 100 breaststroke, SR Kriza Sy was 2nd, Lee was 3rd, and SR Christina Poerstel was 4th.  And, in the last race of the day, the 400 freestyle relay, Churchill won with a team of Bandak, Asbury, Gu and Lindsey.  The B relay came in 3rd with a team of Kaplan, Quackenbush, Pereles and Ridge.   

Churchill finishes the regular season next week against Northwood.  Meet time is 9:15 at the Germantown Aquatic Center.  Then, it’s on to the post-season championship meets!  Go Bulldogs!

Saturday, January 10, 2015:  Riding the wave of their powerhouse girls’ team, Winston Churchill defeated Richard Montgomery by a combined score of 189 to 153 to stay unbeaten with two dual meets remaining. The Lady Bulldogs won 118 -53, while the boys’ team lost 100-71.

On the girls’ side, Churchill was dominant, taking first place in every race but the 50 free.  The 200 Medley A relay team of Hannah Lindsey (JR), Hanan Bandak (SO), Emily Wang (SO) and Katie Wright (JR) won the event, with the B team of Beth Wright (FR), Hannah Lee (SR), Mara Kaplan (JR) and Cosette Melcher (SR) coming in 2nd.    Elaina Gu (SR) took the 200 free, and her teammates, Grace Pereles (SR) and Kelsey Ridge (JR) were 3rd and 4th, respectively.    In the 200 IM, it was Lindsey in 1st, followed by Fiona Asbury (JR) in 3rd and Becky Wolfson (FR) in 5th.    Katie Wright sprinted to 2nd place in the 50 free, with Rachel Caplan (SR) coming in 4th and Melcher taking 5th.    Wang won the 100 fly, while Kaplan placed 3rd and Wolfson 5th.    In the 100 free, it was Bandak in 1st, Kriza Sy (SR) in 4th and Melcher in 4th.    Churchill finished 1, 2, 4 in the 500 free with Gu winning the race, followed by Pereles in 2nd and Ridge in 4th.    Lindsey won her third event of the day in the 100 back, followed by Wang in 2nd and Beth Wright in 5th.  The 100 Breaststroke race was clinched by Fiona Asbury, while Bandak took 2nd and Lee took 4th.    The Bulldogs wrapped up the meet by going 1, 2, 3 in the 400 free relay.    The winning relay team was made up of Gu (also a three-time winner), K. Wright, Pereles and Asbury.    The B relay swimmers were Kaplan, B. Wright, Ridge and Sy, while the C relay was made up of Katie Karayianis (JR), Corinna Lin (JR), Alice Zhu (FR) and Ilana Williams (SO).     

Although the boys were defeated by RM, their performance was solid.    In the 200 Medley relay, Churchill A placed 2nd (Matthew Tiberino, SO; Dariush Youssefiani, JR; David Chang, SO; and Kyle Zonghetti, SR), while the B relay was 4th (Alexander Chung, SO; Drew Gerber, SR; and Edward Yao, SR).    FR Sanjey Wijesekera placed 2nd in the 200 free, with Zach Einhorn (SO) coming in 3rd, and Noah Pereles (SO) taking 5th.    In the 200 IM, SO Andy Rothstein was 2nd, while Chang and Youssefiani tied for 5th.  The 50 free saw Colin Mackey (SR) in 3rd and Lucky Sun (JR) in 5th.    Chang and Tiberino placed 3rd and 4th in the 100 fly.    Mackey was 2nd in the 100 free followed by Einhorn in 4th.    Rothstein won the 500 free, and Pereles came in 3rd.    In the 100 back, Wijesekera was 2nd and Sun took 4th.    Breaststrokers Chung, Youssefiani and Gerber were 3rd, 4th and 5th in the 100 yard race.    And, in the final event, the Bulldogs were finally victorious, winning the 400 free relay with the team of Einhorn, Sun, Wijesekera and Mackey.    The B relay took 3rd place (Christopher Cochran, SR; Lu, Pereles, and Rothstein).   

The Bulldog divers continue to come out on top.    Mory Gould (SO) was 1st for the boys, while Chris Monteferrante (JR) was 4th.    JR Elaina Faerber won the girls’ competition, and Bridie Dunn (JR) placed 2nd.   

Next up for Churchill is perennial rival, Wootton, on Saturday, January 17th, at KSAC at 9:30 a.m.


Divers Key to Churchill Win over Walter Johnson 


Saturday, December 20, 2014:In a hard fought victory over WJ, it was Churchill’s strong dive showing that pushed the team to win the contest by two points: 172-170.SR Kali Becker led the Bulldogs by taking first place in the girls’ competition, with teammate JR Megan Roche coming in 2nd.  On the boys’ side, the young team of SO Sam Kressman and FR Andrew Winer placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.  The divers scored a combined 17 points, and as Coach Tappis said, “Being able to count on those points every week gives us an advantage.”

Churchill’s girls’ team won the swim competition soundly, 104-67, while the boys lost by a nearly identical score: 103-68.In the 200 Medley Relay, the Bulldogs’ A team of FR Beth Wright, SR Hannah Lee, SO Emily Wang and SO Hanan Bandak were the victors.  SR Elaina Gu took 1st in the 200 free, with SR Grace Pereles claiming 3rd.  JR Hannah Lindsey cruised to 1st in the 200 IM, and juniors Fiona Asbury and Mara Kaplan were 3rd and 5th.  WJ won the 50 free with two of Churchill’s swimmers coming in right behind;JR Katie Wright was 2nd, while Bandak took 3rd and SR Cosette Melcher was 5th.Wang won the 100 fly race, while Kaplan placed 3rd and FR Esther Quackenbush came in 4th.  In the 100 free, it was Asbury in 1st, Katie Wright in 3rd and SR Kriza Sy in 4th.  The 500 free also had three Churchill girls earning points:Gu in 2nd, Pereles in 3rd and JR Katie Karayianis in 5th.Lindsey won the 100 back, followed by Emily Wang in 2nd and Beth Wright in 4th.  In the 100 breaststroke, Bandak placed 2nd, Lee 4th and SR Elizabeth Gelbaugh 5th.  The Bulldogs capped off their strong showing in the 400 free relay:Churchill A (Asbury, K. Wright, Gu and Lindsey) won the event, and the B team placed 3rd (Quackenbush,Pereles, Sy and Melcher).

In the boys’ competition, Walter Johnson came off the blocks strong, winning the 200 Medley Relay, but Churchill’s A team (SO Matthew Tiberino, SR Drew Gerber, SO David Chang and SR Kyle Zonghetti) placed 2nd, and the B relay (SO Alexander Chung, JR Dariush Youssefiani, SR Edward Yao and SO Jerry Lu) took 3rd.  In the 200 free, SO Zachary Einhorn was 3rd, while SO Andy Rothstein earned 5th and SO Noah Pereles came in 6th.  WJ swept the top places in the 200 IM, with Churchill’s Chang taking 4th and JR Lucky Sun 5th.  With Churchill’s only first place finish, SR Colin Mackey won the 50 free, followed by Yao in 4th and Zonghetti in 5th.  Freshman Sanjay Wijesekera placed 2nd in the 100 fly, with Tiberino and Chang in 4th and 5th respectively.  In the 100 free, it was Mackey in 2nd, Einhorn in 4th and Sun in 5th.Rothstein was the top Bulldog finisher in the 500 free, taking 3rd, with Pereles 5th and Lu 6th.  The backstrokers, Wijesekera, Tiberino and Chung, placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the 100 back.Similarly, in the 100 breaststroke, Churchill’s Youssefiani, Yao and Gerber finished 3rd, 4th and 5th.  While WJ won the 400 free relay, Churchill A (Einhorn, Sun, Mackey, Wijesekera) was a close 2nd.  The B relay (Lu, SR Chris Cochran, Pereles, Rothstein) took 3rd, while the C team of (SO Owen Hall, SO Theo Margas, FR Neema Moayed and SO Kyle Barclay) came in 5th.

After the holiday break, Churchill looks to continue their winning streak against Richard Montgomery on 1/10 at 11:30 at Olney Swim Center.



Churchill Defeats Blair 210-132


Saturday, December 13, 2014: Churchill Swim and Dive defeated Blair HS with a score of 210-132, winning both the girls’ and boys’ competitions. As Coach Tappis said, this was “quite impressive considering the number of swimmers missing. Both teams’ rosters were depleted because there were multiple club meets going on at the same time. Bulldog Depth was once again the theme as we had no 6th place finishes in the entire meet!” The final girls’ tally was Churchill 107- Blair 64. The boys put up an almost identical score of 103-68. Competing at the start of the meet for a change, Churchill divers took first and second place in both the boys’ and girls’ events. Senior Glenn Seidell won with a score of 143.50 with junior Chris Monteferrante coming in second. Junior Megan Roche took first with a score of 152.20, and sophomore Semira Kehnemouyi was second.

In the 200 medley relays, Churchill blasted off to a strong start. The boys’ A team (JR Lucky Sun, SR Drew Gerber, SO David Chang and SR Kyle Zonghetti) won the event, while the B relay was just out-touched and took third (SO Owen Hall, JR Jacob Storch, SO Kyle Barclay, SR Grant Taylor). The Bulldog all senior girls’ A relay took first (Emily Jin, Hannah Lee, Elaina Gu, Cosette Melcher). Following in second place was the B team of SO Sarah O’Brien, SR Elizabeth Gelbaugh, FR Esther Quackenbush and FR Ashley Zonghetti.

In the boys’ individual events, Churchill showcased its deep roster. Sophomores Andy Rothstein, Noah Pereles and Jerry Lu placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively in the 200 Free. Sun was 2nd in the 200 IM with SR Chris Cochran taking 3rd and Barclay claiming 4th. A thrilling 50 free race ended with SR Colin Mackey winning in a time of 23.53 to Zonghetti’s 23.54. SR Grant Taylor was 3rd. In the 100 fly, Chang placed 2nd, SR Alan Yan was 4th, and Barclay came in 5th. Mackey also won the 100 free, while FR Neema Moayed was 3rd, and Cochran placed 5th. The sophomore lineup of Rothstein, Hall and Lu placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the 500 free. Sun won the 100 backstroke, while Chang was 3rd and Yan took 5th. In the 100 breastroke, Gerber was 2nd, Pereles was 3rd and Storch finished 4th.

The Bulldog girls were strong in their individual races, as well. In the 200 free, SR Kriza Sy took 3rd place, while juniors Corinna Lin and Katie Karayianis came in 4th and 5th respectively. JR Mara Kaplan won the 200 IM, with FR Becky Wolfson in 3rd and Hannah Lee in 4th. Seniors Melcher and Rachel Caplan, along with Ashley Zonghetti, raced a very close 50 free finishing within hundredths of each other in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. Kaplan also won the 100 fly with Quackenbush and Wolfson taking 3rd and 5th. In the 100 free, Melcher came in 2nd, with SO Laney Williams placing 3rd and Caplan 4th. The 500 free had Karayianis in 2nd, Sy in 3rd and JR Jessica Ding in 4th. Elaina Gu won the 100 back handily, while Lin placed 3rd and O’Brien was 5th. Lee took first in the 100 breast, with Gelbaugh in 3rd and SR Christina Poerstel in 4th.

As always, the meet wrapped up with exciting 400 freestyle relays. Churchill boys’ A relay made up of Rothstein, Lu, Cochran and Mackey was just beaten by Blair. The B relay took 3rd and the C relay was 4th. On the girls’ side, Churchill A (Kaplan, Lin, Sy and Gu) won the race, with the B and C squads coming in 3rd and 4th. The Bulldogs take on rival Walter Johnson next Saturday at KSAC at 9:15 in their last meet before the holiday break.


Churchill Girls and Boys Outscore Whitman


On Saturday, December 6th, Churchill Swim & Dive faced a new opponent, Walt Whitman HS, which moved up from Division 2 this season. The stands were packed at Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center as fans of both schools cheered on their teams.  Churchill won this first regulation dual meet of the season with a team score of 187 to Whitman's 155. Although the Bulldogs were missing some key swimmers on the girls' side, the competitors who raced did an outstanding job and outscored the Vikings 101-70.   With only three 1st place finishes in eleven events (50 free, diving, 100 back), things were much tighter for the boys; Churchill eked out a one point victory:  86-85.  All in all, it was a promising start for the Dawgs.

Churchill divers led the way, taking first and second place in both the boys' and girls' competitions.  Sophomore Mory Gould placed first with a score of 189.10, while senior Glenn Seidell was second with 121.55 points.  Bridie Dunn took first with a score of 158.90, while her fellow junior, Elaina Faerber, was a close second with 154.75 points.  

Things started off slowly for the Bulldogs with the Vikings winning both 200 Medley Relays.  However, Churchill's depth was apparent as they took second and third places in both races.  The 2nd place boys' relay was swum by Matthew Tiberino (SO), Edward Yao  (SR), David Chang (SO) and Colin Mackey  (SR). The 3rd place team consisted of Alexander Chung (SO), Dariush Youssefiani (JR), Kyle Barclay (SO) and Kyle Zonghetti (SR). The girls' 2nd place team was made up of Beth Wright (FR), Elizabeth Gelbaugh (SR), Emily Wang (SO) and Rachel Caplan (SR).  Their teammates in 3rd were Emily Jin (SR), Christine Karayianis (FR), Mara Kaplan (JR) and Cosette Melcher (SR). 

In the individual boys' events, Whitman was dominant in first place wins, but Churchill had plenty of 2nd-5th place finishes to keep the competition pretty even.  Bulldog freshman, Sanjay Wijesekera, finished second in the 200 free, and sophomore teammates Andy Rothstein and Zach Einhorn came in fourth and respectively.  David Chang, Chris Cochran (SR) and Dariush Youssefiani were solid in the 200 IM, earning third, fourth and fifth place finishes.  Colin Mackey edged Whitman's Kevin Johnson to win the 50 free, with Lucky Sun (JR) and Kyle Zonghetti coming in third and fourth.  In a very close 100 fly race, Chang, Tiberino and Yao finished third, fourth and fifth. In the 100 free, Mackey took second, while Einhorn and Zonghetti were third and fourth.  A trio of sophomores placed in the 500 free: Rothstein was third, Noah Pereles was fourth, and Owen Hall took fifth.  The 100 yard backstroke race was a strong showing for the Bulldogs; it was won by Wijesekera with Tiberino in second and Sun in third. Churchill breaststrokers Drew Gerber (SR), Yao and Youssefiani finished third-fifth respectively.

The girls' individual events favored the Bulldogs.  Hannah Lindsey (JR) won the 200 free, while Kelsey Ridge (JR) was third and Kriza Sy (SR) came in fifth. Emily Wang and Mara Kaplan finished one, two in the 200 IM.  In the 50 free, Katie Wright (JR) was a very close second, while Melcher and Caplan were fourth and fifth.  Wang and Kaplan also finished one, two in the 100 butterfly with freshman Esther Quackenbush taking fourth place. Sophomore Hanan Bandak was second in the 100 free, while Katie Wright came in third.  Ridge was third in the 500 free, with teammate Katie Karayianis (JR) taking fourth and Sy finishing fifth.  Lindsey also won the 100 back, while Beth Wright was third, and Sarah O'Brien (SO) was fifth.  In the 100 breaststroke, it was Bandak in first place, with Gelbaugh in third and Christine Karayianis in fourth. 

The 400 yard freestyle relays provided an exciting finish to the meet.  The Churchill boys team of Rothstein, Einhorn, Sun and Wijesekera finished a close second to Whitman, and the B relay (Alexander Chung, Haryanto, Cochran and Pereles) came in third.  This finish sealed the one point victory for the Bulldog boys.  On the girls' side, Churchill's A relay (Katie Wright, Sy, Bandak and Lindsey) was a resounding winner.  The B relay (Laney Williams, Melcher, Ridge and Caplan) was second. 

Next up on 12/13, the Churchill Bulldogs take on Blair at Montgomery College-Takoma at 12 noon. 


A New Season Starts  


Saturday, November 29, 2014 - Churchill Swim and Dive took to the pool at the Gaithersburg Aquatic Center for the first time in a scrimmage against Quince Orchard. First dual meet for Coach Tappis and the Bulldogs is against Whitman next week.



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