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 Coach:  Shannon King


GHS v. Blake

At Saturday’s meet, Gaithersburg Swim and Dive team put up a good fight against Blake High School.  Blake had moved down from a higher division this season, so the kids knew it would be a tough meet and they would have to strive for best times.  Coach Shannon reminded the kids before the meet about the importance of swimming their best, even though Blake was a strong team.  Overall, the kids swam very well, with lots of best times! 

Notable races included JJ Beasley’s 200 Individual Medley race.  JJ was neck and neck with Blake’s Thomas Plihal, and with a very strong freestyle leg at the end, he passed Plihal and ended up beating him in the end!  Sophie Robinson had a great meet, winning the women’s 200 Freestyle event by more than four seconds.  She came in second in the 500 Freestyle, barely missing a Metro-qualifying time by less than a second, with a finishing time of 5:49.12.  Coach Shannon has full confidence that Sophie will make the Metro-qualifying time in one of the three remaining meets this season.  Blake Wright also had a great swim in the men’s 200 Freestyle, achieving a best time of 2:38.56 – he dropped more than five seconds from his previous best time! 

Coach Shannon was very proud of both Amanda Butler and Ashley Wright, who swam the 100 Butterfly for the first time this season.  Many of the kids know that 100 Butterfly is one of the harder events, but both ladies swam great races without a single complaint!  Ashley Cevallos has a great 100 Freestyle race, barely missing fourth place with a personal best time of 1:22.09. Coach Shannon was very happy with the personal best, since she had swum the 200 IM for the first time earlier in the meet (a tough event for the kids as well!).   

Brandon Galuska had a great finish in the 500 Freestyle, earning a point for the team.  He dropped almost 5 seconds, and achieved a personal best time.  Lainey Selby also had a great 500 Freestyle swim, dropping more than six seconds from her former best time.  Both Tori Chow and Ashlie Vesper swam in their first meet of the season and had great races as well.  Both Tori and Ashlie were a bit apprehensive about coming out for the team this season, but Coach Shannon has been very proud of their improvements in the short time that they’ve been members of the team.   

Overall, there were 13 best times achieved on Saturday, and that was exactly what Coach Shannon had asked the kids to focus on.  She was very happy with the great times, and is looking forward to more great races this coming Saturday against Springbrook High School. 



















Sécurité, Alarmes et coffres forts agréés

Coffre-fort pour la sécurité des valeurs

Il est également indispensable de prévoir du matériel de sécurité dans les piscines

Souvent, un coffre-fort agréé est indispensable pour sécuriser efficacement les fonds collectés par la caisse des piscines.

Le site propose un panel d'armoire forte et de coffres forts de sécurité qui permettra de sécuriser les fonds de caisses, mais également les effets du personnel en cas de cambriolage.

Les coffres et armoires ignifuges permettent de stocker des documents à l'abri du feu.

Un coffre-fort agréé A2P est généralement reconnu part les administrations comme un produit de qualité.


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Pour sécuriser efficacement les valeurs et les données, l'installation d'un coffre fort agréé par les assurances est nécessaire. Le site propose une large catégorie de coffres certifiés et agréés pas chers. edited 11:28, 13 Nov 2014
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