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Rockville Snags Third in Divisionals


Rockville entered into the Division III Championships on Saturday with good prospects for a solid finish and the team showed depth and speed again. Each team entered the top 3 swimmers in each event and though Rockville managed only one first place in Diving by standout Natalie Snyder, the vast majority of points were scored by strong 3rd and 4th place finishes by the swimmers. Freshman Abby Noll managed a 3rd and 4th in the 200 IM and 500 free.

The team, not only scoring well in virtually all of the 24 events, continued to  drop times and swimmers had many personal bests. . Freshman John Baldwin had a best by 4 seconds in the 200 Free.   Daniel Morris, swimming 50 and 100 Free had two best times, Ryan Green, in 100 Fly managed a significant half second drop and Steven Noll,  with a 4th place in the 500 Free broke the magic 6:00 minute mark with a career best of 5:55.16.  Alisa Bargeski, “a great utility swimmer” per Coach Jim Castonguay, had an amazing 14 second drop in her 500 Free.  Carolyne Lane swam a great 100 Breast and had a 2 second drop to boot.  The meet ended with a great 2nd (boys) and 3rd (girls) place in the 400 Free relayFelisha Wu, Anna Damone, Michaela Kerem , Bryan Van Gieson, Ariana Welch, Samantha Bauer and John Rivera attended to the point total for the team.

Next week the team heads to the MCPS County Championships at MLK on Saturday. The season will round out with the Metro Qualifiers, Abby Noll (500 Free) ,Elliot Shein (100 Free/100 Back/100 Fly) and Daniel Wolf (200 IM/100 Breast ) heading to Germantown to swim against the best in MCPS and WMPSSDL (the private school league ) in two weeks.  The team will also send the Boys 200 Free Relay, 200 Medley Relay,  400 Free Relay and the girls will be represented in the 400 Free Relay. 





Rockville Edges Out Gaithersburg



                 Rockville moved to 3-2 yesterday in their defeat over Gaithersburg, 178-164. The boys won 95 to 76, and the girls were barely defeated 88 to 83.

                The meet started off with a second and third in the boys 200 yard medley relay and a second in the girls half as well. Brother and sister act, Steven and Abby Noll grabbed wins in 200 Free and 200 IM respectively. Elliot Shein followed with a first in the 50  Free. He out touching his opponent by 2 tenths of a second and then followed up with a 2nd win in the 100 Free.

               Kurtis Swartz and Daniel Morris went 1-2 in the Boys diving, and Natalie Snyder and Rachel Ribuado did the same in the girls half of the event. Michaela Kerem also took a first place, in the girls 100 Free.  Alisa Bargeski dropped an impressive 10 seconds off her seed time en route  to a second place in the girls 500 Free, and Ariana Welch snagged a second place in the 100 Free.  Hannah Kotarski also managed a big 10 second drop in her 100 Free. Danny Wolf also took a first place in 100 breastroke. The meet ended with two exciting relays with Kurtis Swartz fending off a last minute charge in the 400 Free relay for the win and a girls 400 Free being out touched by .02 in a heart stopping finish.

                Rockville moved back into a tie for third in the division with their win, and will finish out their season with a scrimmage against Springbrook next week at 9:15AM  at Montgomery Aquatic Center. Hope to see you all there!

David Wolf, Sophomore



Rockville Swim Team Triumphs over Einstein - 1/15/2011
                The Rams Swim Team improved their record to 2-1 with an impressive win over Einstein yesterday at MC -Takoma. Rockville scored 354 points, more than enough to defeat Einstein in a solid win that moves Rockville up in the standings to a tie for third place in the division.
                The meet started out with a pair of first and seconds in both the boys and girls medley relays. Ryan Greene won a closely contested 50 Free and Felisha Wu edged out her Einstein counterpart by just enough to snag a win for Rockville in 50 Free. Natalie Snyder and Rachel Ribuado took first in second place in the girls diving, and Kurtis Swartz and Daniel Morris took second and fourth, respectively.
                Chris Jones and Bryan VanGieson got the second half of the meet started with a first and second place finish in the men’s 100 butterfly.  Daniel Morris and Michaela Kerem both scored first places in the 100 Free and  Danny Wolf also took a first place in the men’s 100 backstroke. Alisa Bargeski  added to the momentum with a solid win in her first 500 Free . The individual section of the meet was finished out strong with Samantha Bauer gaining her first win of the season in the women’s 100 breaststroke. Rockville then won both of the 400 yard relays to finish out the meet. 
                Rockville will face a undefeated Magruder team next week with a chance to move into second place with a upset win. The meet is at 7:30PM at Montgomery Aquatic Center, and we hope to see you all there!


 Division III Relay Carnival - January 8, 2011

                Rockville placed 4th yesterday in the Division III Relay Carnival, placing behind former Division II powerhouse Blake, Magruder, and Gaithersburg.  Rockville managed to edge out Kennedy and Einstein. Many swimmers got their first chance this season to swim as a Rockville Ram, as this meet featured many mixed gender events.          

Rockville had many solid swims, which included 8 3rd places finishes out of the 13 events. The meet started with an aforementioned third place in the mixed 200 yard medley relay, as Daniel Morris, John Rivera, Felisha Wu, and Michaela Kerem combined for an overall time of 2:05.59. In the following event, the Boys Butterfly relay, Ryan Greene, Chris Jones, Kurtis Swartz, and Elliot Shein came within one second of second place and finished just 1.36 seconds of the first place team, Blake. Rockville also took third in the mixed 200 yard Breastroke and mixed 200 yard Butterfly. Rockville again grabbed third place in back to back events, the girls 200 yard freestyle relay and the mixed 200 yard backstroke relay. Rockville concluded the meet with a (SURPRISE!) third place in the mixed 400 yard freestyle.

The depth of the team roster showed, as RHS was able to field 2 relays in every event with good swims by Curtis Jones, Angela Dols, Maija Mikkelsen,  Anna Damone, Nicole Kubasik, Robby DeYoung, Joseph Malusky, Caroline Tribble, Paul Meyer- Rachner, Jimmy Johns, Diego Nogales, John Baldwin, Sam Sigal,  Melissa Holler, Samantha Cooney, Kevin Hill-Byrne, Kristina Kenno, Eddie Kirk, Tim Toussaint, Wes Robb-McGrath, Grete Wilson-Henjum, Zack Zweig, Madeleine Schaefer, Stephanie Martin, Nick Chisolm, Emily Shutak,  Caroline Lane, Alexis Leary and Dina Yared.

                The diving team will have their relay carnival on Friday Jan 14th at 2:30 at Germantown. The Swim team will have a showdown next week at high noon against Einstein. Hope to see you at Takoma next week!



Rockville Falls To Blake -12/18/10

Rockville started off the season last week with a solid win over Kennedy, but this week Blake proved a much more difficult task as Rockville fell to Blake by a combined score of 207- 135. Rockville held tough in the first half but Blake pulled away in the second half of the meet.

The meet started off strong with the women's medley relay taking a first, with strong swims from Sontanna Cremins, Abby Noll, Felisha Wu, and Michaela Kerem. Michaela also had a great race in the girls 50 yard freestyle, as she won by only .3 seconds! The first half of the meet included many second and third places, including Alisa Bargeski, Elliot Shein, and Daniel Wolf. Natalie Snyder took first place in the women's diving, with 133.25 points, and Kurtis Swartz and Daniel Morris took third and fourth in the men's half of the event. Steven Noll gutted out a tough second place in the boys 500 free, and Freshmen Samantha Bauer took on a daunting task for her first ever high school event, as she took fourth place in the women's 500 yard freestyle. Abby Noll was the sole double winner for Rockville, with wins in the 200 IM and 100 Breast.

Rockville will swim in the Divisional Relay Carnival on January 8th at Olney Swim Center at 9:15. We will see you all there!

By David Wolf, Sophomore

2009-2010 Recaps


Rockville capped off their Division III season with an impressive fourth place. Rockville had come into the meet with the fourth overall record, and held that position strong, with a third place from the boys and a fourth place from the girls. The swimmers did their school proud, fighting hard for every point in the most important meet of the year so far, despite no pool time due to the “Blizzard of 2010”. 

           Graduating Seniors were recognized and RHS was proud to “send off” Samantha Dorsey, Luke Gibala, Adrienne Lane, Simon Milberg, Brian Moran, Michael Spahn, Hannah Swartz, Michael Vlahakis and Robel Yared. 

            Michael Spahn fought hard and came out with a 6th place in the 50 yard Free, with a time of 25.03, in an event in which the top 7 swimmers all finished within a second of each other. Yushan Bai and Nicole Kubasik both placed well in the 50 yard Free, with Yushan tying her counterpart from Magruder.  

            We would all like to give a shout out to Natalie Snyder, who capped off a fantastic undefeated diving season, one of Rockville’s two first place finishes. Michael Vlahakis took a third place in the boys half of the diving section. 

            Daniel Morris had a blistering 4 second drop in the 100 Free, and then in one of the best races that we’ve seen this year, Michaela Kerem battled her way to a second place finish in the 100 yard Backstroke. If Michaela’s race was the most exciting then Danny Wolf’s 100 Breast most certainly wasn’t far off. In back and forth race, Danny fended off many attempts by Kennedy’s Andrew Garrard and Damascus’ Matthew Schwarzenb to take the lead, and held both off down the stretch to take  first place, with a Metro Qualifying time and a personal best of 1:07.84.  

            Of course, among many of the great races we saw on Saturday, sometimes the finish wasn’t the most important part. Sisters Carolyn and Adrienne Lane swam side by side in the Girls 100 yard breaststroke, and both placed well to boot.  

The team placing was supported by swims from Kurtis Swartz, Elliot Shein, Felisha Wu, Kat Conway, Anna Damone, Alexis Leary, Alisa Bargeski, Stephen Noll, Zack Zweig, Kristina Kenno, Ryan Greene, Sam Sigal, Sontanna Cremins, Chris Jones, Lillian Kuhnsman, Vincent Barr, Nick Chisolm, Alexis Leary, Curtis Jones, and Madeleine Schaeffer. 

            Rockville will participate in County Championships next week, against the best swimmers from Divison I-IV. We hope to see a huge amount of support for the great Rockville team – so come on out and cheer them on! 







 Rockville Wins over Kennedy


Rockville came into their meet this week in fighting form, after a tough defeat to Magruder. However, Rockville came in with their heads held high, and proved to everyone that they aren’t easily discouraged by a couple of tough losses.
Rockville got back to the .500 mark with a resounding win over a weaker Kennedy team. As usual, this was a team effort that was pushed by many great individual races.
The first half started out shaky, with both Kennedy 200 Medley relays taking first place. However, Danny Wolf, Steven Noll, and Jake Sorrells got Rockville back into it with a first, third and fifth in the boys 200 yard Freestyle. Hannah Swartz and Dina Yared took 2nd and 3rd in the 200 Free. Swimmers continued to improve, with Anna Damone having a 3 second drop in the 200 IM.
Michael Vlahakis had his best diving meet to date, scoring 141.00 points. Natalie Snyder continued her impressive winning streak on the girl’s end of the diving section, scoring 139.10. Samantha Dorsey and Rachel Ribaudo also had great meets, as usual.
Rockville continued their winning ways with first places by Elliot Shein and Alisa Baergeski in both 100 Free events. Freshman Zack Zweig battled for 2nd place in the Boys 100 Yard Backstroke, with a great 7 second drop in his time.
The Boys and Girls 400 yard Freestyle Relays both closed out the meet with wins, each winning by over 20 seconds.Despite what seemed to be a easy win for Rockville, they could not have done it without many third and fourth place finishes that really made the difference. Also, many swimmers swam exhibition in the meet, giving everyone a chance to try new events.
Rockville matches up against Richard Montgomery for a season ending scrimmage before heading into Divisionals, Counties and Metros.
David Wolf, Freshman


Rockville Falls to Magruder
            Rockville came into this weekend’s meet at Montgomery College-Takoma feeling confident after last week’s impressive win over Gaithersburg, but the roller coaster season for Rockville continued. This time Rockville hit a downturn, falling to  powerhouse Magruder in a meet that wasn’t as close as Rockville would have hoped.
            Rockville shook up the lineup this week, with many swimmers swimming new events. Part of this shakeup was due to Senior’s Choice, allowing all each Senior to pick their favorite event to swim. As we always expect, there were many great races, despite the final score.
Samantha Cooney had a great race in the 200 Yard Freestyle, dropping an incredible 19 seconds from her previous best time. Natalie Snyder remained undefeated in Girls Diving, winning her 3rd meet in a row, with a score of 129.1. Michael Vlahakis had a great diving meet as usual, scoring 137.10, but being edged to second place. However, Michael helped the team out by participating in the 100 Yard Freestyle, and having an impressive time of 1:06.37,. Steven Noll won the 500 Yard Free for his first victory of the year, setting a PR in the event.
The meet ended with the Boys 400 Yard Freestyle relay, winning with a time of 3:52.16. Rockville lost the meet overall, both boys and girls, but next week Rockville has a date with Kennedy, and they plan to get back on the winning track.



Rockville Finishes out Regular Season with Win over Springbrook


                Rockville sent off their Seniors yesterday with a 43 point victory on Saturday defeating Springbrook by a score of 184 to 141. Despite the fact that Springbrook is a division IV team, Rockville did not take them lightly and ended their regular season in convincing fashion.

                 Rockville swept the boys 50 Free with Daniel Morris, Vincent Barr and Wes Robb-McGrath going 1-2-3. Rockville welcomed two new freshmen divers, divers, Kathleen Schmidt and Kate Lipman. Rockville also went 1-2-3 in the  100 fly, with Elliot Shein, Vincent Barr, and Chris Jones.  Danny Wolf and Ryan Greene went  1-2 in the 100 free, and Alisa Bargeski took first in the  500 yard free.  Michaela Kerem also took a first in 100 yard back.  Time drops continued with John Baldwin dropping yet another 7 seconds in the 500 Free and John Rivera had another 2 second drop in 100 Breast. The meet was finished out with first places in both 400 Free relays, with the girls achieving the Metro qualifying time.

                Rockville will be saying goodbye to 11 seniors this year, many of them swimming in their last meet of their swimming careers. Congratulations to Nicole Kubasik, Anna Damone, Elliot Shein, Wes Robb-McGrath, Danny Wolf, Maija Mikkelson, Felisha Wu, Michaela Kerem, Melissa Holler, Steven Noll, and Kristina Kenno.

                Rockville will participate in Divisional III Championships next week  at 7:30 (diving) and 9:30 (swimming) at Montgomery Aquatic Center.  Hope to see you  there!

David Wolf, Sophomore


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