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Please update us on any news you wish to have shared. As the next few weeks progress there will be anupdated list of all swimmers to ever pass through the Landon Swimming program. We also hope to bring back the Bearacuda name to the swimming program. If you are a Landon Swimming alumni than please email director of Swimming Alumni, Ben Huizinga, at

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Team History:

The Landon Men’ Swimming and Diving  program began in 1975 under the direction of Lower School Headmaster Marcos Williams and continues today as one of the best swimming and diving programs in the Metro Washington region.  Landon has been blessed with a number of top aquatic athletes over its 30 years of excellence.  John Paul Norvell, Chris Dufek, Brock Park, Adam McDonald, and many others have gone on to compete at some of the nation’s most competitive collegiate programs.

The complete Schedule is also available on Landon's Website

The swim team now has its own additional website with all things related to the team at




























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