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Converted times are inaccurate. offers three different conversion tables that will yield three different converted times for the same entry. This is why USA Swimming bases it's 'top times' database only on times actually swum (no conversions). You cannot compare a 'hypothetical' time to an 'actual' time. In order to preserve the integrity of the database converted times should not be included. List yard times seperately.
Posted 15:55, 9 Jul 2009
Thanks for your comment. Of course conversion is imperfect.

I think it's important to note that this is summer swim league, not USA Swimming.

These are pools that may have been built many years ago and not specifically for competition.

This is not intended to determine who gets college scholarships or access to the US Nationals. This is for fun. Since some leagues are done entirely in yards, they could not be included without conversion. Converted yard swims are clearly denoted with the original time, so people can judge however they choose. You can click on a swimmer's name to see all swims included in the database to see meter and yard swims, if available.

USA Swimming operates under certain standards to accomplish certain goals. This site operates with a more inclusive system to achieve different goals. This is not intended to replace USA Swimming.

Thanks for your input.
Posted 21:03, 9 Jul 2009
Any chance you can rate top 100 swimmers by their best season top time. The season top times have single swimmers listed multiple times. thx
Posted 17:43, 27 Jul 2009
I second the comments of swim12, in season best times, can you not duplicate swimmers, just put each swimmers best time? It doesn't make sense to list so many duplicates.
Posted 17:27, 18 Jan 2010
I agree. Having multiple results for a swimmer is difficult to wade through and doesn't give an accurate "sorting" of results.
Posted 03:31, 22 Jun 2010
The Prince Mount league is very strong this year and it seems as though all of their swimmers are in the top 5 in most categories. Are there better swim facilities in their areas?
Posted 14:54, 22 Jun 2010
The pmsl is all yards times for the most part. Use this conversion tool and you will see where they really are. Though it is not 100% accurate it is a very good barometer of the yards to meters difference.
Posted 23:43, 22 Jun 2010
Or you can try the tried and true method of multiplying the yards time by 1.1. Although not precise, it is still accurate. I've been coaching for 20 years and it hasn't let me down yet.
Posted 00:42, 23 Jun 2010
It would be GREAT to see the top times broken down by League. Since there is no interleague competition (for PMSL anyway), the kids are really more interested in seeing where they stand within their own league. Though it is informative to see that there are faster times in other leagues around the area, it would be more meaningful to the swimmers if they could compare times within their own group of competators. Thanks!
Posted 20:07, 27 Jun 2010
I second what AmyJ has suggested. Until this year Princemont has had a "Top Times" page. Because of "reachforthewall", we no longer keep those times. Now though, it's tough to determine where swimmers rank within our league. Since these are the times that determine who goes on to divisionals, it's a nice resource. Are users able to create additional sorts on subsets such as by league?
Posted 18:18, 28 Jun 2010
Thanks for the comments AmyJ and Danny. Our goal was to be the place for swimmers to compare themselves area-wide. But we've had many requests for the ability to sort by league, so it's definitely on our "to do" list. Hopefully by sometime mid-season we'll be able to launch this function.
Posted 14:59, 3 Jul 2010
Would it be possible to sort results by age group rather than # and under? Although events in swimming are truly open to swimmers # and under, events are commonly referred to by age groups such as 9-10 or 11-12. How events are listed right now are not only confusing, but also a mess to read and decipher. Would it be possible to organize them by age group or even stroke or event?

Also, would it be possible to have a feature that sorts times by age groups? Swimmers should have the option to compare their times to swimmers their own age, rather than include younger superstars who wouldn't swim in all star meets at the end of the season anyway.
Posted 02:44, 4 Jul 2010
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