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Khymi also swims for the Charlottesville City Swordfish in Virginia's Jefferson Swim League. http://city.jsl.org
Posted 15:58, 28 Jun 2010
Jennifer was listed in 2009 as Jennifer L. Clune for Prince Mont dual and the divisional meets in B Division and Jennifer Clune for PMSL All Stars. I was able to search her August 1, 2009 All Star times until this summer when they disappeared. Can last year's All Star times be restored and listed under Jennifer L. Clune?
Posted 16:32, 28 Jul 2010
Can an administrator help with swimmer result questions?
Posted 18:04, 4 May 2011
Posted 22:35, 11 May 2011
Way to go Christopher Peter!!
Posted 15:15, 22 Jun 2011
Ya Liam!!! No one can stop you!!
Posted 16:06, 27 Jun 2011
Go Bagshaw's. Cedarbrook's #1.
Posted 16:16, 27 Jun 2011
My daughter Hannah James has been added as James, Hannah M, AND James, Hannah. Hannah M has 2011's times and Hannah has 2009+2010. Can an administrator merge these two names? She is the same person. Thank you!
Posted 17:58, 27 Jun 2011
Posted 20:59, 23 Jul 2011
Boiiiiiiiiii ewwwwwwwwww
Posted 14:07, 11 Aug 2011
How can we correct a name? Larry Osborne on PMSL's Oxon Hill Swim Team has the incorrect middle initial. It needs to be changed to a "J" not a "T" please.
Posted 19:00, 20 Jul 2012
Larry you have been doing an awesome job for your first year on a swim team, all of us are so proud of you and we love you very much - good luck in divisionals.
Posted 19:05, 20 Jul 2012
Tally Ho #1
Posted 19:14, 23 Jul 2012
Tally Ho #1
Posted 19:14, 23 Jul 2012
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