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In your fastest times for the season list in the girls 10 and under 50 free list, your top 3 PMSl swimmers did those times in a yarded pool how do they make the list when you shift to fastest one time per swimmer? This list should be calibrated to show the correct standings. edited 03:43, 14 Jul 2010
Posted 03:42, 14 Jul 2010

The default list shows all swimmers in the region whether they swim meters or yards -- that's what the "Combined" in the title means.

To see only yards times or only meters, there's a link at the top of the week top times that allows you to limit the list to either of those.

Also, we are at the mercy of the folks running the various meets to report whether the times are for yards or meters. Folks do get it wrong from time to time and we have no way of knowing when that happens. edited 12:29, 14 Jul 2010
Posted 12:25, 14 Jul 2010
Does anyone know if the 15.1 second record time in the boys 8 and under set way back in 1965 is a national record at that distance as well?
Posted 21:23, 28 Jul 2010
Note. Boys 8 and under 25 meter freestyle
Thanks, John
Posted 21:26, 28 Jul 2010
Would it be possible to add 6 yr old MCSL swimmers to the lists for 6 and under events?

Also, would it be possible to continue these lists past the top 50 for the season, so that the vast majority of swimmers and parents who use this site can find their ranking rather than just the privileged few who already know they're good?
Posted 01:51, 31 Jul 2010
One time per swimmer stats for Girls 8 & under breaststroke appears does not show the time for my daughter Julienne Chollette of 23.12 NVSL but you do see her when you look at fastest times...but this places her lower becasue it shows the same swimmers multiple times. Can this be fixed??? edited 20:12, 6 Aug 2010
Posted 00:45, 5 Aug 2010
Where are the MCSL open boys medley relays?
Posted 18:03, 5 Jul 2011
It won't let me see all of the top times for mcsl... what am I doing wrong?
Posted 00:47, 10 Jul 2012
I can't access top times either (for PMSL). Can an administrator please help?
Posted 16:48, 11 Jul 2012
I think you all are doing a great service with this site. I can't, however, see the top times for the NVSL. I'm going to try pushing the "any" key.
Posted 23:06, 14 Jul 2012
AlexVASwimMom back here. I just rebuilt, reconfigured, and then rebooted my PC and I still can't see the Top Times for the NVSL. If you're still there, Rubin, can you help me. I'm just certain my child is on the list :-)
Posted 23:22, 14 Jul 2012
Unable to view top times for PMSL. Any ideas. I select the league and then the division, but still doesnt work.
Posted 13:40, 17 Jul 2012
Not working. Will not post top times.
Posted 17:48, 17 Jul 2012
Not working. Will not post top times.
Posted 17:48, 17 Jul 2012
I have been trying all season to view the Top Times without success. I have checked and rechecked my security settings and all are set appropriately. Does anyone have any idea why the top times cannot be viewed? Are they not being updated this year?
Posted 16:01, 18 Jul 2012
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