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This is a simulation of meet, scheduled or not, between any two teams in a division, based on the most recent swims of the teams involved. Simulations will be updated when the teams involved have new meets.

This is based on the most recent swims in the events, not season-best times.

This simulation is not based on the coach's submissions of who will swim in particular events in this upcoming meet. It is likely that the swimmers in some events will not be the same as in this virtual meet.

You can click on any swimmer's name to see all recorded times by that swimmer provided by the league for additional insight on likely performance.




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Neat, but not very useful, as it does not keep track of season's best times, nor even have full line ups. Needs a little tweeking.
Posted 22:32, 12 Jul 2009
Could you possibly use season best times instead of last week's results? Due to Potomac Valley swim meets, a lot of really fast swimmers are missing from line ups, severely effecting the divisional "simulation".
Posted 13:56, 21 Jul 2009
Fun to look at especially if you are a Dolphin.
Posted 15:05, 21 Jul 2009
Thank you so much for creating this wonderful site. Swimming in this area has always been strong but no one really knew how strong. I swam MCSL for 14 seasons and my daughter is now in her 4th season.

One thing about the virtual divisionals for MCSL. Only 2 swimmers or 1 relay from each team are allowed in each event. Other than that, keep up the great work!!

I hope that this will continue to highlight swimming in the years to come. Any chance of getting the NVSL information loaded also so all the swimmers can compare times?
Posted 19:45, 22 Jul 2009
Thanks for all of your thoughts.

We're hoping to include NVSL and Old Dominion Swim League and others as we go forward. I definitely agree that the more leagues are included, the more fun it is to see the best swims.

As to which swimmers to include in a meet, the simulation has to guess which swimmers the coach will put in which events. The best way to do that is to use the previous week. Unfortunately, when something like the big PVS meet knocks swimmers out of week 5, the simulation suffers.

As the person who wrote the simulation, I decided to use the most recent swims rather than season best times because a decade of watching my kids' swim meets have made me very skeptical of best times posted in June that are never approached again all season. I find the most recent swim a better predictor of performance than something swum a month ago. So I say if you want your best time used, swim it. edited 21:04, 23 Jul 2009
Posted 14:55, 23 Jul 2009
fun tool! However Sully station data is incorrect. Sully II swimmers are listed by mistake. :(
Posted 00:36, 14 Jul 2010
virtual meets still not working for all leagues
Posted 16:37, 15 Jul 2010
I'm not sure if this is true for all leagues, but in PMSL, only the top 2 swimmers from each team get points. This site would allow all 11 points to go to one team, which makes it quite inaccurate. I know when we (JBAB) swam against CPW, we won by 5 points, this site shows us losing by 1.
Posted 22:32, 27 Jun 2011
I keep getting an "error on page" message and no virtual meet results are displayed. Why is that? Is this functionality ready for public use, 7/5/2011?
Posted 19:54, 5 Jul 2011
In PWSL, the relay team in first placed gets 47 points. The virtual meet is incorrectly scoring only 42 points.

I also found another error on the relay results for a virtual meet. The same team cannot score points for both First and Second places.

This is the correct scoring:
Team #1 Relay A got 1st. Team points awarded is 47.
Team #1 Relay B got 2nd. Zero team points awarded.
Team #2 Relay A got 3rd. Team points awarded is 32.

The virtual meet incorrectly scores it as follows:
Team #1 Relay A got 1st. Team points awarded is 47.
Team #1 Relay B got 2nd. Team points awarded is 32.
Team #2 Relay A got 3rd. Zero team points awarded.
Posted 18:26, 3 Aug 2011
This is a great tool but three things.
1. In PMSL only top two from each team can score so that throws off the point values a little bit.
2. The times are not converted to a universal time like yard or meters because some times are in yards swam at one pool others are in meters and west laurel times are supposed to be divided by .98 to get them to meter times because there pool is 80 ft 2in.
3. You should make it so we can pick what week we want the simulation from like so you could pick one team from this week and one team from last week.

Thank you edited 13:20, 25 Jun 2013
Posted 13:20, 25 Jun 2013
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