Garrett Park

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    1. 2.1. It Helps Build and Sustain Communities
    2. 2.2. It is Fun
    3. 2.3. It Highlights the Importance of Individual and Team Contributions
    4. 2.4. It Exposes Your Kids to the Power of Traditions
    5. 2.5. It Provides a Forum to Reward Improvement and Results
    6. 2.6. It Keeps the Kids Occupied and Mostly Out of Trouble
    7. 2.7. It is Inter and Intra-Generational
    8. 2.8. It Requires Lots of Parent Involvement
    9. 2.9. It Exposes Kids to a Sport for Life
    10. 2.10. It Might Help Identify the next Katie Ledecky or Jack Conger
    11. 2.11. Planning for Next Year
  3. 3. A Weekend in Robin Hood
  4. 4. Division E Relay Carnival 
    1. 4.1. Relay All-Stars
    2. 4.2. New Team Relay Records
  5. 5. Robin Hood Dual Meet
    1. 5.1. All-Star Qualifying Times
    2. 5.2. Sweeps!
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  7. 7. Back to our So-called Lives
    1. 7.1. New All-Star Qualifying Times 
  8. 8. A Tie?  Really????
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  10. 10. Pool Records
  11. 11. Sweeps!
  12. 12. All-Star Qualifying Times
  13. 13. Good Start for the LadyBugs in 2012
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    2. 13.2. Sweeps
    3. 13.3. All-Start Qualifying Times
  14. 14. Fear the Bug!!  Garrett Park Wins Division E Relay Carnival
    1. 14.1. All-Star Relays
    2. 14.2. New Relay Records
  15. 15. Ladybugs Keep Rolling in Week 4
    1. 15.1. Records
    2. 15.2. New All-Stars!!
    3. 15.3. Coaches' Long Course All-Stars
  16. 16. Garrett Park is Upset-Minded
    1. 16.1. New All-Star Qualifying Times
    2. 16.2. New Team Record
  17. 17. Garrett Park is 1-1 after week 2
    1. 17.1. Pool Record
    2. 17.2. New All-Star Qualifying Times
  18. 18. Don't underestimate the 6th seed!!
    1. 18.1. Pool Records
    2. 18.2. All Star Times
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  20. 20. Garrett Park is 2-0 for 2010
  21. 21.  Ladybug Sweeps against Olney Mill:
      1. 21.1.1. Boys 12 & Under 100 IM
      2. 21.1.2. Girls 8 & Under 25M Free
      3. 21.1.3. Boys 11-12 50M Fly
    1. 21.2. All Star Qualifying Times
  22. 22. Garrett Park Starts 2010 Strong!
    1. 22.1. Sweeps
    2. 22.2. All-Star Qualifying Times
    3. 22.3. Team Records
  23. 23. Garrett Park swims to first win  of the 2009 Season
      1. 23.1.1. Sweeps
      2. 23.1.2. All Star Times
      3. 23.1.3. Garrett Park Pool Records
  24. 24.  Bugs Bounce Back!
    1. 24.1. Individual All-Star Times
    2. 24.2. Relay All-Stars
    3. 24.3. Sweeps















It's literally all over but the All-Star meets next weekend.  Most of us Ladybug parents sat in slightly numbed silence as we realized another MCSL season was in the books.  For the first time in anyone's memory, the Divisional meet featured cool temperatures and drizzle and rain versus searing 90 degree heat.  It was a toss-up on which the parents and kids liked more or less, but Germantown was a wonderful location for a major meet and the pool facilities were great.  Woodcliffe showed they were the class of the Division again and Germantown had a great meet, resulting in the Ladybugs securing third place.  So when all the points are counted, Garrett Park will tie for second place with Germantown in the Division, which seems fitting since we tied at our dual meet earlier in the summer.  Given the first and runner-up teams usually get monster trophies at the the all-star meet next weekend, we are hopeful that we won't have to share the runner-up trophy with our neighbors from the north.  Next year should be interesting either way both teams move up to the rarified air of Division D.

 So if we pause to think about why MCSL families allow their lives to be thrown into total disarray between Memorial Day and the last week of July each summer, ponder the following list:

It Helps Build and Sustain Communities

Most MCSL teams swim in a neighborhood pool and Garrett Park is a great example.  Practice time means the bicyle racks are full because the pool is just down the street for many swimmers.  As the swimmers get older, you see the intersection of the three swimming communities that most year-round swimmers belong to: club, MCSL and High School.  This summer after the big storm was a great example of how swim teams helped each other out.  We were just one of many teams that was fortunate enough to have access to another community pool while ours was out of commission that weekend.

It is Fun

You only have to watch the slide show of pictures that most teams show at their banquets and see all of the smiles to know that the kids are having a good time.  Everything from hanging out in between events at meets to the social activities seem to bring out the best in everyone.  

It Highlights the Importance of Individual and Team Contributions

One of the interesting challenges of coaching swim teams is obviously getting the best of the individual swimmers, while also making decisions that are best for the team.  Constructing line-ups for meets appears to be a science in and of itself, ensuring that points are maximized by putting kids in events that maximize points for the team.  It means that sometimes that the kids don't always swim their percieved "best" strokes, but ultimately they learn that sometimes putting the team first means swimming where you contribute most to the team results.

It Exposes Your Kids to the Power of Traditions

Like most communities, swim teams have traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation.  It runs the gamut from the cheers, the Divisional team recognition (see the pictures above of the t-shirts with customized nicknames), the music, the dance moves and even the food served at the concessions.  Over time, the older kids and families with mutiple kids on the team take on the responsibility for passing on the traditions to the latest batch of pre-teamers.

It Provides a Forum to Reward Improvement and Results

Results, or how the swimmer placed in their race, is key to team success.  Swimming, iike most distance sports, is relentess in its objectivity.  Either you swam faster or your didn't.  While most of the big awards go to the year-round swimers who have really dedicated themselves to the sport, most teams figure out a way to recognize the contributions of the swimmers who swim for two months out of the year.  One of the best ways is to recognized the most improved swimmer by age group and gender, which more often than not is a swimmer who swims themselves into shape each year and, as a result, drops the most time over the course of the summer.  

It Keeps the Kids Occupied and Mostly Out of Trouble

August is a tough month after two months of craziness getting to practices and two to three meets a week, but it no doubt provides some structure to the summer.  Arguably, it's a constructive way to keep the kids engaged and out of some kinds of mischief.  What's telling is how much unstructured time the kids have when it all winds down.  It's a telltale sign that summer is winding down and they can no longer put off their math packets and summer reading.

It is Inter and Intra-Generational

Maybe this happens in some other sports, but the age span of participants is striking at a typical Saturday swim meet.  Where else will you see 18 year olds cheering for 8 and unders and vice versa.  We have a great cheer at Garrett Park that creates a bit of competition amongst the age groups and even includes the coaches and parents.  In most other sports, you only participate with your own age group and miss the chance to be mentored by more experience athletes a couple of years older than you.  For the pools that have been around since the beginning of MCSL, there is a decent chance that a mom or dad was on the same record board as their kids. 

It Requires Lots of Parent Involvement

If ever there was a sport that requires organizational prowess to pull off the competitions, it's swimming.  Runing a meet includes an army of parents who do everything from time, to officiate, organize food, announce and herd kids to be at the right place at the right time.  There are behind the scene roles and front and center roles that provide parents a chance to support their swimmers even if they did not grow up with sport.  Let's face it, the parents enjoy the social part of swim team as much as the kids do, but its easy to justify since its in service of the kids.

It Exposes Kids to a Sport for Life

Swimming, more so than a lot of team sports, is one that kids continue into their adult years.  If you can find a pool or even a lake, you can swim.  It's also pretty clear that anyone who learned to swim with their team is also going to be safe in the water.  When the knees won't allow you to run or play soccer in your advancing years, swimming is low impact and a great aerobic workout. 

It Might Help Identify the next Katie Ledecky or Jack Conger

 It doesn't happen all that often that MCSL has an alumni that goes to the Olympics, but lots of kids college swimming careers start out on a summer swim team.   One of the great joys of summer swimming is seeing kids try out because their friends or older siblings did and discover that they might be good or they just really love it.  Part of the reason this region has such great year round swim clubs is because the summer swim teams provide a relatively low cost and low risk way to try out the sport.  

Planning for Next Year

Given all of the above, despite our manifest exhaustion, we are looking forward to next summer when we do it all over again for a crazy eight weeks.  Wonder how tough Division D will be?

A Weekend in Robin Hood

Just a stone's throw from Sherwood Forest Park, Garrett Park visted the nice folks at Robin Hood not just once, but twice over the weekend.  

Division E Relay Carnival 

The rest of Division E joined Garrett Park at Robin Hood for a great, but hot, Relay Carnival.  Garrett Park was pleased to come in second to a strong Woodcliffe club.  

Relay All-Stars


Mixed 13-14 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay

1) Mayer, Morgan Yuelan W14 2) Fisher, Charlie M14 3) Poling, Sarah W13 4) Berry, Kevin M14

Boys Open 200 SC Meter Medley Relay

1) Berry, Patrick 18 2) Tollefson, Fletcher 18 3) Branthover, Tommy 16 4) Beins, Sean 18

Mixed 15-18 200 SC Meter Medley Rel

1) Berry, Patrick M18 2) Tollefson, Fletcher M18 3) Holden, Sammy W15 4) Lasche, Olivia W17

Girls 11-12 200 SC Meter Medley Relay

1) Bonetta-Misteli, Kiki 12 2) Bruch, Adrienne 11 3) Shuck, Jordan 11 4) Tilkin, Sophie 12

Boys 13-14 200 SC Meter Medley Relay

1) Berry, Kevin 14 2) Fisher, Charlie 14 3) Heaton, Tommy 13 4) Poling, Liam 14

New Team Relay Records


Mixed 13-14 200M Free Relay

Morgan Mayer, Charlie Fisher, Sarah Poling, Kevin Berry: 1:58.51 broke 1978 record


Mixed 11-12 200M Free Relay

Jacob Sorensen, Jordan Shuck, Kiki Bonetta-Misteli, Connor Demitz: 2:06.06 broke 2004 record


Mixed 200M Medley Relay

Patrick Berry, Fletcher Tollefson, Sammy Holden, Olivia Lasche: 2:07.00 broke 2000 record  


Robin Hood Dual Meet

For Saturday's dual meet, the Ladybugs came away with a decisive 422.5 to 369.5 victory.  The great shade trees and improvised sprinkle hose helped everyone survie the heat for most of the morning.  

All-Star Qualifying Times

Despite the heat, two Ladybug swimmers added new events to their list of all-star qualifying time accomlishments for 2012


Hilligoss, Ally- Girls 9-10 25 SC Meter Backstroke

Demitz, Connor-Boys 11-12 50 SC Meter Butterfly 


For the most part, the two teams shared top slots across events, but in few instance the Garrett Park boys really piled up the points with the top three slots.  The 11-12 and 13-14 boys had a particularly good day

13-14 boys: Kevin Berry, Charlie Fisher and Tommy Heaton (50 free,100IM and 50 fly)

11-12 boys: Connor Demitz, Jacob Sorensen, and Zack Youth (50 free)

11-12 boys: Zack Youth, Jacob Sorensen and Matthew Melton (50 breaststroke) 


Back to our So-called Lives

Like many MCSL teams, our pool was out of commission last Saturday, community spirit still ruled the day.  Both Garrett Park and CCRA owe a debt of grattitude to Potomac Woods for graciously allowing us to use their pool Sunday morning for a steamy showdown.  With the late change of plans, venure and date, it was a scramble for both teams to assemble a line-up.  In the end, the Ladybugs had fewer holes and empty lanes and was able to prevail 471-307 to secure second place in Division E thus far.  Despite lots of tired kids swimming in a super warm pool, there were some best times and a couple of new all-start qualifying times.   Should be an interesting weekend of two trips to Robin Hood for a Dual Meet and the Relay Carnival.  Let's hope there's some shade!

New All-Star Qualifying Times 


Hilligoss, Ally- Girls 9-10 25 SC Meter Backstroke

Demitz, Connor-Boys 11-12 50 SC Meter Butterfly 

A Tie?  Really????

Week 2 in Division E was one for the books.  What happens when Torpedos match up against Ladybugs after 50 events on beautiful June morning at Garrett Park?  It's an absolute tie at 392 points a piece, with the teams expecting top billing for the closest meets of the week.  It will also make for interseting reading in the standings as the two teams will apparently split the six points normally awarded to the winning team.  

Despite a vritual meet tally that showed Germantown winning by over 70 points, the final tally was decidedly different.  One of the great things about summer swimming is never knowing who might be away at camp, who might have returned from vaction, who might have forgotten how to swim a legal butterfly or who has some kind of swimming epiphany on Saturday morning. It seems Garrett Park had all of that, combined with some interesting line-up changes from Coach Tom that had swimmers competing effectively in their "off strokes" and age-groupers contributing to the senior medley relay.   Along the way, Germantown put up some great swims too, including several record-breaking performances for our pool. In one of the best races of the day, five out of the six 11-12 boys swam all-star qualifying times in the 50m breaststroke.  


Pool Records

Congratulations to Germantown swimmers who helped to update the Garrett Park record board

Arona Baigal (100m IM, 50m backstroke and 50 fly for 11-12 girls)

Michael Wong (50m fly)

Michael Sabad, Michael Wong, Alan Li and Benjamin Nachod (Boys 14 and under 175m FreeStyle Graduated Relay)



The 8 and under girls had a great morning with three sweeps

Quinn Harris, Annabella Opipari, Madeline Vidal, and Delia Fritz (25m free)

Madeline Vinal, Annabella Opipari, and Andee Strong (50m back)

Quinn Harris, Lily Houston, and Andee Strong (50m breaststoke)

All-Star Qualifying Times

After a great first weekend of all-start qualifying times, there were just as many new events and new swimmers with a chance to swim in the season ending all-star events.  

 Ally Hilligoss (50m breaststroke and 50m fly)

Vivica Braun (50m back)

Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli (50m free)

Connor Demitz (100m IM and 50m breaststroke)

Kevin Berry ((100m IM and 50m backstroke)

Morgan Yuelan Mayer ((50m free and 50m backstroke)

Fletcher Tollefson (100m breaststoke)

Sammy Holden (50m fly)


Good Start for the LadyBugs in 2012

Garrett Park enjoyed a good start to Division E with a decisive victory over hosts Merrimack Park 422 to 365.  After a cool start in the wonderful shade, the sun finally warmed up the after sun crested the amazing trees ringing the pool.  Garrett Park enjoyed balanced contributions across age groups with particularly strong showings from 11-12 boys and girls as witnessed by a number of sweeps.


GP_MM warm up cheer.JPG


Girls 11-12 100m IM, 50m free, 50m back and 50m fly  (Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli, Jordan Shuck and Kara Williamson)

Boys 15-18 100m free (Fletcher Tollefson, Tommy Branthover, and Michael Abrams)


All-Start Qualifying Times

Holly Heaton (50m free, 50m breast, and 50m fly)

Connor Demitz  (50m free and 50m back)

Jordan Shuck (50m fly)

Jacob Sorensen (50m free and 50 breast)

Kara Williamson (50m breast)

Zack Youth (100m IM, 50m breast, and 50m fly)

Kiki, Bonetta-Mistelli (100m IM, 50m back, and 50m fly)

Kevin Berry (50m free and 50m fly)

Morgan Yuelan Mayer (100m IM and 50m breast)

Fletcher Tollefson (100m free and 100 IM)




Fear the Bug!!  Garrett Park Wins Division E Relay Carnival

Garrett Park and the rest of Division E trekked to beautiful Dasmascus, which did a great job hosting the Relay Carnival.  It could not have been closer with Garrett Park edging out division-leading Country Glen by 1 point!  With Woodcliffe finishing third, the Ladybugs are now in sole possesion of 2nd place in the division.  Several relays are going to All-Start Relays at the end of the season and/or set new Garrett Park Team records.

All-Star Relays


Boys 14 & Under 175 SC Meter Freestyle Graduated Relay 1:55.41
1)      Youth, Zack 10 2) Demitz, Connor 11 3) Berry, Kevin 13 4) Flannery, Peter 8
Mixed 8 & Under 100 SC Meter Freestyle Relay 1:22.38
1)     Reilly, Chris M8 2) Hilligoss, Allison W8 3) Flannery, Peter M8 4) Heaton, Holly W8
14 & Under 100 SC Meter Medley Graduated Relay 1:11.51
1)      Demitz, Connor 11 2) Youth, Zack 10 3) Berry, Kevin 13 4) Flannery, Peter 8
Girls 14 & Under 100 SC Meter Medley Graduated Relay 1:12.12
1)     Bonetta-Misteli, Kiki 11 2) Mayer, Morgan Yeulan 13 3) Shuck, Jordan 10 4) Heaton, Holly 8
Girls 8 & Under 100 SC Meter Medley Relay 1:34.26
1)     Tifford, Grace 8 2) Flannery, Megan 8 3) Heaton, Holly 8 4) Hilligoss, Allison 8
Boys 9-10 100 SC Meter Medley Relay 1:18.73
1)     Melton, Matthew 10 2) Youth, Zack 10 3) Roll, Hank 10 4) Sorensen, Jacob 10

New Relay Records

  • Jordan Shuck, Sarah Poling, Sammy Holden, and Holly Heaton for 14&U 175 Free Relay in 1:56.44
  • Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli, Jordan Shuck, Morgan Mayer, and Holly Heaton for GIRLS 14&U 100M Graduated Medley Relay in 1:12.12.
  • Grace Tifford, Holly Heaton, Megan Flannery, and Allison Hilligoss for GIRLS 8&U 100M Medley Relay in 1:34.26.
  • Holly HeatonSarah PolingOlivia LascheJordan Shuck, and Sammy Holden for GIRLS 250M Crescendo Freestyle Relay in 2:45.22 


Ladybugs Keep Rolling in Week 4

Garrett Park hosted its last meet of the summer and sent off two seniors in style with a solid win over the visiting Damascus Dolphins.    The team recognized the long standing contributions of long-time swimmer and assistant coach, Marguerite Joutzand Gearet Fitzpatrick, a team leader in spirit during his short tenure on the team.  


While there were no sweeps, what seems to be a weekly assault on both team and pool records continues.

Holly Heaton  lowered her own team and pool record in the 8u 25 free to 16.86.  

Congratulations to Damascus' Kate Zimmerman,  who lowered the pool record in the 13/15 breast stroke to 38.25.  The previous record has been in place since 2004.  Garrett Park's Morgan Mayer  was below the previous record too, but Kate's name will go up for the pool record.  Morgan, though, lowered team record previously set in 1999 on June 25th in a time of 38.37.   

The girls 14u 175 Free Relay of Jordan Shuck, Sarah Poling, Sammy Holden and Holly Heaton lowered the Garrett Park pool record that three of the girls help to set on week 1 by swimming a 1:57.91. 

New All-Stars!!

Ladybug swimmers continue to improve their times with the following swimmers establishing new all-star qualifying times:

Matthew Melton qualified in the 9/10 25 back and 

Grace Tifford qualified in the 8u 25 fly


Coaches' Long Course All-Stars

Several Ladybugs will be representing their team at the prestegious Coaches' Long Course Meet:

Holly Heaton 8u free and fly

Zach Youth 9/10 breast

Connor Demitz 11/2 back

Fletcher Tollefson 15-18 breast

Garrett Park is Upset-Minded

Despite what virtual meets and the division seeding might indicate, Garrett Park had what it needed to upset host Woodcliffe in week 3.  Led by the youngest and oldest of the girls, Garrett Park edged Woodcliffe 407 to 382.  The 8u girls swept the freestyle and butterfly and the15-18 girls swept the free, back, and IM.   The Ladybugs stand 2-1 in Division E, tied for second place, and hope to continue the upset trend when they host Dasmascus for week 4.

New All-Star Qualifying Times

Several swimmers achieved new all-star qualifying times this week, including:

Sammy Holden    13-14 back     36:03

Jacob Sorensen     9-10 fly         18.66

Kevin Berry          13-14 fly         32.00

New Team Record

Despite being touched out for the win by Woodcliffe in an incredibily exciting 14u 175 freestyle graduated relay, the Ladybug girls, Jordan Shuck, Sarah Poling, Sammy Holden and Holly Heaton lowered the team record that several of them helped to set last year to 1:56.82.  Should prove interesting for next week's relay carnival.




Garrett Park is 1-1 after week 2

Country Glen played host to the Ladybugs, but they were not too gracious, downing Garrett Park 433.5 to 358.5.  Actually, other than winning, Country Glen played great music and served up great food on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Once again there were some good individual and team efforts.  The competition was especially fierce among the 13-14 girls with several events being decided by hundreds of seconds.

Pool Record

Holly Heaton continued her record setting ways, lowering a long-standing record at Country Glen in the 8u back. Holly swam it in 20.48.

New All-Star Qualifying Times

Although many of our all-star swimmers repeated their qualifying events from last week, several qualified for the first time this week in a new event.  New all-star qualifty swimmers include: 

Holly Heaton                      8u back         20.48

Kiki Bonetta Mistelli       11-12 back         38.72

Fletcher Tollefson             15-18 IM       1:06.20 

Jordan Shuck                 9-10 breast         21.63

Sarah Poling                      11-12 fly         36.80

The Ladybugs take to the road again next weekend to visit Woodcliffe, likely right in the middle of the Division E pack.

Don't underestimate the 6th seed!!

Garrett Park pulls off an upset the opening weekend in Division E, defeating 2nd seed Stonebridge in week 1 of the 2011 season with a score of 460-323.  Despite the dominance of Stonebridge's 15-18 girls, the young Ladybugs dominated the other age groups.  There were several signficant individual and team accomplishements to highlight the morning's meet.

GP Cheers on the Hill 2011.JPG

Pool Records

Stonebridge 15-18 girls lowered the Garrett Park pool record in the 200m medley relay that had stood since 1978.  Congratulations to Kristina Li, Katherine Chen, Allie Klatzkin and Leah Hubert, who lowered the standard to 2:14.28.  

Garrett Park's 8u Holly Heaton set several team and pool records and contributed to the relay record noted below:

8u free - Team and Pool Record - 16.94  (1982 previous record)
8u Breast - Pool Record - 22.91  (2001 previous record)
8u Fly - Team and Pool Record - 18.71  (2006 previous record)

The Garrett Park Girls ( Jordan Shuck, Sarah Poling, Morgan Mayer, Holly Heaton) set a new pool record for the Girls 175 meter Freestyle Graduated Relay in 1:58.89.

All Star Times

Several Ladybugs swam All Star qualifying times in Week 1 as follows:

Connor Demitz        11-12 50 Back - 37.12  
Holly Heaton           8 and U 25 Free - 16.94  
                              8 and U 25 Breast - 22.91  
                              8 and U 25 fly - 18.71  
Tommy Heaton       12 and U 100 IM 1:19 44  
                              11-12 50 fly - 36.19  
Allison Hilligoss        8 and U 25 Back - 23.78  
Sammy Holden        13-14 50 free - 30.75  
                              13-14 100 im 117.27  
                              13-14 50 fly - 33.09  
Morgan Mayer        13-14 50 free 30.66  
                              13-14 100 im 115.31  
                              13-14 50 breast - 38.91  
Jordan Shuck           9-10 25 back - 19.53  
                              9-10 25 fly - 17.67  
Jacob Sorensen        9-10 50 free - 35.18  
                              9-10 25 breast - 21.22  
Fletcher Tollefson   15-18 100 breast - 112.34  
Zach Youth             9-10 50 Free - 35.00  
                             9-10 25 back - 19.89  
                             9-10 25 Breast - 19.97  


The Ladybugs look forward to continuing their early season success as they visit their Division F rivals of last year, Country Glen.  


Garrett Park is 2-0 for 2010

The Ladybugs continued their strong start in 2010 and defended their home pool with a 405 to 387 win over Olney Mill.  

 Ladybug Sweeps against Olney Mill:

Boys 12 & Under 100 IM

1 Kevin Berry
2 Tommy Heaton
3 Charlie Fisher

Girls 8 & Under 25M Free

1 Holly Heaton
2 Cara Demitz
3 Malina Grande

Boys 11-12 50M Fly

1 Kevin Berry
2 Tommy Heaton
3 Charlie Fisher

All Star Qualifying Times

Kevin Berry 11-12 free & fly
Patrick Berry 15-18 fly
Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli 9-10 back
Connor Demitz 9-10 free, back & breast
James Flannery 8 & under free
Holly Heaton 8 & under free, back & fly
Samantha Holden 13-14 free, breast & fly
Morgan Mayer 11-12 free, breast, fly &, IM
Andrew Tollefson 15-18 free, back, breast (#1 in county) & IM

Garrett Park Starts 2010 Strong!

The Ladybugs kicked of the 2010 dual meets with a great showing at Seven Locks, winning by over 100 points.  The 8u and 9-10 boys and girls had several sweeps and helped to earn GP maximum points.  Along the way several team records fell and several swimmers started out with impressive all-star times. Details below:



Boys 12 & Under IM: Kevin Berry, Tommy Heaton, Connor Demitz

Boys 8 & U Free: James Flannery, Benjamin Kane, Peter Flannery, Mateos O'Connor, Stephen Beins, Nicholas Liden  

Girls 8 & U Free: Holly Heaton, Cara Demitz, Emma Vinal, Alison Hilligoss, Grace Tifford  

Girls 9-10 Free: Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli, Kara Williamson, Claire Beins  

Boys 8 & U Back: James Flannery, Peter Flannery, Mateos O'Connor  

Girls 8 & U Back: Holly Heaton, Emma Vinal, Talia Rodriguez 

Boys 9-10 Breast: Connor Demitz, Zachary Youth, Matthew Melton  

Girls 8 & U Fly: Holly Heaton, Cara Demitz, Emma Vinal  

Boys 13-14 Fly: Tommy Branthover, Jack Giblin, Dmitri Joutz  

Girls 13-14 Fly: Samantha Holden, Leah Altekruse, Lucy Miller  

All-Star Qualifying Times

Boys 11-12 Fly: Kevin Berry  

Boys 9-10 Free, Back and Breast: Connor Demitz

Girls 8u Back and Fly: Holly Heaton 

Girls 11-12 Free, Breast, Fly and IM: Morgan Mayer 11-12

Boys 15-18 Free, Back, Breast (#1 in county) & IM: Andrew Tollefson

Team Records

 Holly Heaton (8& under):  20.26 in fly-New Team Record- Previous record: Ellen Chiazze 20.30(1979)

Morgan Mayer (11-12):  40.42 in breast-New Team Record- Previous record: Morgan Mayer 40.43 (2009)

Garrett Park swims to first win  of the 2009 Season

 The Garrett Park Ladybugs hosted Mohican in Week 2 and posted a 410 to 381 victory.  Swimmers and parents all welcomed the vastly improved weather conditions over week 1 and both teams exchanged spirited cheers at the half-time break.  Meet highlights included several "sweeps," all star times, and Garrett Park Pool records.


 8u girls freestyle

15-18 boys freestyle

15-18 boys IM

9-10 boys breastroke

All Star Times

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 IM

Jacob Sorensen 8u Freestyle

Morgan Mayer 11-12 Freestyle

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 Freestyle

Tommy Heaton 9-10 Breaststroke

Morgan Mayer 11-12 Breaststroke

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 Breaststroke

Tommy Heaton 9-10 Butterfly

Kevin Berry 11-12 Butterfly

Samantha Holden 11-12 Butterfly

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 Butterly

Garrett Park Pool Records

Patrick Scordato 13-14 Freestyle (Mohican) 26.71

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 Freestyle 55.27

Andrew Tollefson 15-18 Breaststroke 1:07.46

Patrick Scordato 13-14 Butterfuly (Mohican) 28.87


 Bugs Bounce Back!

 After a disappointing loss to Tanterra in Week 3, the Bugs won their second dual meet of the season over Rockshire and tied for second at the Division G Relay Carnival.  Meet Highlights from the Rockshire meet and Relay Carnival are below.


Individual All-Star Times

Kevin Berry

11-12 25 Fly     

Sammy Holden 
11-12 50 Fly     
Morgan Mayer
11-12 50 Breast
Jordan Shuck
8&U Free
8&U Back
Jacob Sorenson
8&U Free
8&U Breast
Andrew Tollefson  
15-18 Free
15-18 IM
15-18 Breast New GP Pool Record at 1:09.44
15-18 Fly

Relay All-Stars

Mixed 8 & under 100 freestyle relay:  Claire Beins, Jordan Shuck, Jacob Sorensen, and David Sorensen

Mixed 9-10 200 freestyle relay:  Tommy Heaton, Kiki Bonetta-Mistelli, Sarah Poling, and Connor Demitz

Boys Open 200 medley relay:
Patrick Berry, Andrew Tollefson, Dylan Berry, Henry Tollefson New team record 1:59.52

Boys 8 & under 100 Medley relay:  Hank Roll, Zach Youth, Jack Flannery, and Jacob Sorensen

Girls 8 & under 100 Medley Relay:  Holly Heaton, Adrienne Bruch, Jordan Shuck, and Claire Beins

Boys 9-10 100 Medley Relay: 
Connor Demitz, Hugh Beins, Tommy Heaton, and JD Fitzpatrick


Boys 8 & under Free
1.    Jacob Sorensen
2.    Zachary Youth
3.    David Sorensen
4.    Jack Flannery
Girls 8 & under Free
1.    Claire Beins
2.    Jordan Shuck
3.    Ally Holden
4.    Holly Heaton
5.    Cara Demitz
6.    Heather Parks
Girls 8 & under Back
1.    Jordan Shuck
2.    Claire Beins
3.    Holly Heaton
Boys 13-14 Back
1.    Michael Abrams
2.    Dmitri Joutz
3.    Tommy Branthover
Girls 8 & under Breast 
1.    Adrienne Bruch
2.    Cara Demitz
3.    Ally Holden
Boys 13-14 Breast
  1. Michael Abrams
  2. Jack Giblin
  3. Christopher Brock

Girls 8 & under Fly

  1. Jordan Shuck
  2. Ally Holden
  3. Cara Demitz


Girls 14 & Under 100 SC Meter Medley Graduated Relay 1:12.12
1) Bonetta-Misteli, Kiki 11 2) Mayer, Morgan Yeulan 13 3) Shuck, Jordan 10 4) Heaton, Holly 8

Girls 8 & Under 100 SC Meter Medley Relay1:34.26

1) Tifford, Grace 8 2) Flannery, Megan 8 3) Heaton, Holly 8 4) Hilligoss, Allison 8

Boys 14 & Under 175 SC Meter Freestyle Graduated Relay 1:55.41

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