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6-18-2011In our first meet of the season, the Theresa Banks Swim Club Tiger Sharks swam past Strathmore Bel Pre in their waters with a score of 301-271. The victorious Tiger Sharks move on, to Belair Bath & Tennis, for their second weeks feeding.

Great swimmers of the meet with three wins each were:  Kendall Carter and Darnell Hungerford. Helping with two awesome swims each were: Lauren Artis, Sean Barbour and Raekwon Martin. Finishing up to conclude a great finish with one win were:  Leah Broome, Daiysa Burrell, Colby Davis, Deloris Jackson, Tyla Jackson, Justin Minor, Sydnee Minor, Jasmine Mwamba, Myles Richardson, Alana Shields, and Brandon Staples.


 6-25-2011Second Week and the competition stiffens, but somehow, after a battle to the relays, Theresa Banks Swim Club, pulls out another win over Belair Bath and Tennis.

Fighting for the only triple delight of the meet was Kendall Carter. While several team mates at least tried to get a couple of doubles, they included:  Lauren Artis, Che Ashe, Daiysa Burrell, Alyssa Evans, Shakeela Jordan and Kevin Young. Gathering the last pieces with a single win were:  Taylor Artis, Leah Broome, Darnell Hungerford, Tyla Jackson, Raekwon Martin, Sydnee Minor, Jasmine Mwamba, Eugene Pinder and Myles Richardson. Several swimmers swam up in age, making it do what it does best! The Tiger Sharks will play host to the MVP Dolphins, this coming Saturday.


7-2-2011The Theresa Banks Swim Club Tiger Sharks battled it out again this year with a 389-386 victory against the MVP Dolphins in a Prince-Mont Swim League meet on Saturday. Another great meet that came down to the relays.

Sydnee Minor, Darnell Hungerford and Sean Barbour each earned three victories for Theresa Banks, while Leah Broome, Danielle Jackson, Tyla Jackson, and Raekwon Martin each won two races. Lauren Artis, Erin Davis, Alyssa Evans, Darell Hungerford, Shakeela Jordan, Eugene Pinder, and Alana Shields also had wins for Theresa Banks, which improved them to a 3-0 status. The team will play host to Silver Spring Swim Team on next Saturday morning.


7-9-2011The Tiger Sharks are getting hungry! In a spectacular meet against Division A newcomers, Silver Spring Swim Team, Theresa Banks Swim Club reigns supreme, once again with a 25 point lead of 298-274. Let's go Tiger Sharks.

Swallowing down the competition, this week with three bites were: Sean Barbour, Kendall Carter and Darnell Hungerford.  Lauren Artis and Raekwon Martin chomped away at two races each. Namir Branch, Leah Broome, Colby Davis, Juwaun Hatton, Danielle Jackson, Brandon Loftin, Justin Minor, Sydnee Minor, Jasmine Mwamba and Myles Richardson finished off the feast with wins to take the Tiger Sharks to a full status of 4-0. The team travels to the home of Takoma Park for their biggest meal ever, next Saturday.


7-16-2011The Theresa Banks Swim Club Tiger Sharks are just about full! This was a very intense meet from the very beginning.  The two top teams in the league coming together for the final showdown of the 2011 season.  Two great teams, but only one could win! Congratulations TBSC Tiger Sharks on an UNDEFEATED season!

Triple winners for the meet were: Sydnee Minor and Darnell Hungerford. Lauren Artis, Leah Broome, Kendal Carter, Darell Hungerford, Raekwon Martin and Miles Richardson each won two races. Finishing up, with one win each were: Sean Barbour, Colby Davis, Erin Davis, Danielle Jackson, Shakeela Jordan, Jasmine Mwamba and Kevin Young.


The Tiger Sharks are comprised of so many great swimmers, that are not mentioned above, but played a crucial part in reaching our 5-0 status. Congratulations to ALL of the Theresa Banks Swim Club swimmers, parents, and coaches!!!




7-23-2011Theresa Banks Swim Club finished off the 2011 swim season with an awesome Divisional win at Strathmore Bel Pre Pool! Great swims were made by all.

There were several first and second place finishes had by the Tiger Sharks, with two almost triple winners, Sean Barbour and Raekwon Martin, whose only loss was to each other. The Tiger Sharks took the top two places in six events; this was not done by any of the other teams during the meet. While the boys 18 & under medley relay took 2nd, both boys and girls graduated 200 freestyle relays took first.


7-30-2011Theresa Banks Swim Club made a great showing at the All-Star meet held at White Hall Pool and Tennis.

Sean Barbour established a league record while winning the boys 11-12 50 butterfly with a time of 30.29 seconds.

Raekwon Martin and Sean Barbour took first and second in the 50 Freestyle, and Raekwon took second in the 50 backstroke. Leah Broome and Gabrielle Standfield finished one-two in the 9010 girls 50 freestyle. Jasmine Mwamba won the 9-10 girls 25 breaststroke, while Darnell Hungerford won the 13-14 boys 50 breaststroke. The girls graduated freestyle relay comprised of Leah Broome, Sydnee Minor, Daiysa Burrell and Danielle Jackson took first place with a pool record time of 2:03.43 seconds. There were some awesome second and third place finishes among the Tiger Sharks, as well.

Congratulations to the 2011 Division A Champions

Theresa Banks Swim Club Tiger Sharks


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