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The Piedmont Tsunamis  

Tsunami Warnings are up in Gainesville-as Piedmont prepares for the 2014 Blue Divisional Swim Meet. All swimmers are headed toward the pool deck. Watch  Piedmont Tsunamis 2014 to see all of the action.              #GoTsunamiNation



2014 Meet Schedule

June 7 Piedmont @ Wellington
June 14 Braemar at Piedmont (Home)
June 21 Kingsbrooke at Piedmont (Home)
June 28 Piedmont @ Victory Lakes
July 12 Piedmont @ Sudley
July 19 Ashland at Piedmont (Home)
July 26

Blue Divisional Meet at Piedmont
vs. Braemar, Piedmont, Sudley

The Piedmont Tsunamis  

Piedmont Tsunamis at Kingsbrooke Sea Lions - July 13

Piedmont Tsunamis 2,707
Kingsbrooke Sea Lions 2,580

The Red Division Piedmont Tsunamis defeated the Blue Division Kingsbrooke Sea Lions in the fifth meet of the season, 2,707 to 2,580, where the Tsunamis had a total of 20 top-3 swims in the league:

For individual events, the Tsunamis had seventeen top-3 swims in the league: Joseph Tillotson placed 3rd in the 8&U Free; Camille Spink placed 2nd in the 8&U Free (new team record of 17.56), 2nd in 8&U Back (new team record of 20.27) and 3nd in 8&U Fly; Erin Walters placed 2nd in 8&U Breast; Katherine Diatchenko placed 2nd in 9-10 Free, 2nd in 10&U IM and 2nd in 9-10 Back; Emmett Hannam placed 1st in 10&U IM; Jack Poleto placed 3rd in 9-10 Fly; Kyle Halstead placed 2nd in 11-12 Free, 1st in 11-12 IM (new team record of 1:13.46) and 2nd in 11-12 Breast; Luke DeVore placed 2nd in 11-12 Fly; Evan Brandt placed 2nd in 13-14 IM, 2nd in 13-14 Back (new team record of 31.68) and 1st in 13-14 Fly.  For Relays, the Tsunamis had three top-3 swims in the league: 2nd place in 8&U Mixed Medley: Erin Walters, Max Pagon, Camille Spink, Joseph Tillotson (new team record of 1:27.40); 2nd place in 11-12 Boys Medley & 1st place in 11-12 Boys Free (and new team record of 57.94) by: Luke DeVore, Kyle Halstead, Henry Radzikowski and Sebastian Borden.

Next Saturday, the Tsunamis will host the Brookside Hurricanes in the last regular meet of the season.

Piedmont Tsunamis vs. Dominion Valley Sharks - July 6

Piedmont Tsunamis 2,722.50
Dominion Valley Sharks 2,558.50


Piedmont Tsunamis at Victory Lakes Piranhas - June 29

Piedmont Tsunamis 2,581
Victory Lakes Piranhas 2,703


Piedmont Tsunamis at Ridgewood Barracudas - June 22

Piedmont Tsunamis 2781.5
Ridgewood Barracudas 2484.5

The Piedmont Tsunamis defeated the Ridgewood Barracudas in the second meet of the summer season, 2781.5 to 2484.50 where the Tsunamis had eleven top-3 swims in the league:

Emmett Hannam placed 2nd in 9-10 Free and 3rd in 9-10 Breast; Luke DeVore placed 2nd in 11-12 Free; Katie Tillotson placed 3rd in 15-18 Free; Katherine Diatchenko placed 1st in 10&U IM and 1st in 9-10 Breast (while setting a new Piedmont team record); Kyle Halstead placed 2nd in 11-12 IM (while setting a new Piedmont team record); Camille Spink placed 3rd in 8&U Back and 2nd in 8&U Fly; Erin Walters placed 2nd in 8&U Breast and Holly Tillotson placed 3rd in 11-12 Fly.  For Relays, the Tsunamis had five top-3 swims in the league: 3rd place in Boys 11-12 Medley: Luke DeVore, Kyle Halstead, Henry Radzikowski, Chase Pagon; 1st place in GIrls 15-18 Medley: Nina Tremols, Katie Tillotson, Audrey Schwartz, Kristin Smith; 2nd iplace n Girls 8&U Free: Erin Walters, Emma Hannam, Katherine Brown, Camille Spink (while setting a new Piedmont team record); 2nd place in Boys 11-12 Free: Luke DeVore, Sebastia  Borden, Henry Radzikowski, Kyle Halstead (while setting a new Piedmont team record) and 3rd place in 15-18 Free: Nina Tremols, Kristin Smith, Audrey Schwartz, Kristin Smith.

Next week, the Tsunamis take on the Victory Lakes Piranhas.


8U 100 Free Relay 1:23.24 E. Walters, E. Hannam, K. Brown, C. Spink
11-12 100 Free Relay 58.12 L. DeVore, S. Borden, H. Radzikowski, K. Halstead
9-10 50 Free  Boys 35.12 (t) Emmett Hannam
10U 100 IM  Girls 1:28.27 Katherine Diatchenko
11-12 100 IM  Boys 1:15.27 Kyle Halstead

Ashland Stingrays at Piedmont Tsunamis - June 15
Summer 2013 got off to a fast start in the first meet vs. Ashland Stingrays.  Many swimmers achieved personal bests. Several records were broken as the competition heated up. The Boys 11-12 IM record was broken twice in the same event - Luke DeVore finished 1:18.53 and Kyle Halstead went 1:16.28.


Ashland Stingrays 2343.5
Piedmont Tsunamis 2874.5



11-12 100 Free Relay 59.02 L. DeVore, A. Pak, H. Radzikowski, K. Halstead  
11-12 100 Medley Relay 1:07.74 L. DeVore, K. Halstead, H. Radzikowski, A. Pak
8U 25 Free  Girls 18.45 Camille Spink
8U 25 Fly  Girls 19.53 Camille Spink
9-10 50 Breast  Girls 47.44 Katherine Diatchenko
11-12 100 IM  Boys 1:16.28 Kyle Halstead
11-12 50 Breast Boys 39.44 Kyle Halstead

Detailed stats are available at http://www.piedmonttsunamis.com

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