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Washington Post reporter Paul Tenorio will train with a swim club over the next few months and chronicle his journey as he attempts to transform from regular guy/sports reporter to competitive swimmer -- everything from his waistline to his best times. Check out all of his posts here!


Wednesday, March 30: Reflecting on the experience

Friday, March 5: Playing catch up

Thursday, Jan. 21: Frustration is my biggest enemy

Tuesday, Jan. 19: Stroke efficiency and hip rotation

Thursday, Jan. 14: Doctor’s visits and dietary choices

Tuesday, Jan. 12: Feeling part of the group again

Friday, Jan. 7: Testing the Shoulder

Wednesday, Jan. 6: Part II, Day One

Thursday, Dec. 24: A wobbly start to the holidays

Tuesday, Dec. 22: Rest and recovery

Tuesday, Dec. 15: To the point of exhaustion…and beyond

Thursday, Dec. 10: A Lesson Via Tough Love

Tuesday, Dec. 8: LZRs and intensity > quantity

Thursday, Dec. 3: I Love Sprints

Wednesday, Dec. 2: More Distance

Tuesday, Dec. 1: I’m No Distance Guy

Monday, Nov. 30: (Worn) Down But Not Out

Friday, Nov. 20: Jeff King 5, Paul Tenorio 0

Thursday, Nov. 19: Me and My Big Mouth

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Fly vs. Fly

Tuesday, Nov. 17: I Wanna Be Like Mike

Monday, Nov. 16: 175 and 40 100s

Friday, Nov. 13: Work Hard or Go Home

Thursday, Nov. 12: Alice’s Restaurant

Wednesday, Nov. 11: A Spa in Switzerland

Tuesday, Nov. 10: TV Trivia and Hip Rotation

Monday, Nov. 9: Best Times

Friday, Nov. 6: November Open -- More and Less

Thursday, Nov. 5: Nap time rocks

Wednesday, Nov. 4: Fun And Preparation

Monday, Nov. 2: Piecing It Together

Friday, Oct. 30: Full Steam Ahead

Thursday, Oct. 29: This One’s Dedicated To…

Wednesday, Oct. 28: Like a Buoy in the Ocean

Tuesday, Oct. 27: Work Before Work

Monday, Oct. 26: A Good Failure Feeling

Friday, Oct. 23: Unconventional, Yet Effective

Thursday, Oct. 22: Good vs. Bad Pain

Wednesday, Oct. 21: A Lot of Time to Think

Tuesday, Oct. 20: Legs …And Legs … And Abs

Monday, Oct. 19: A Weekend to Remember

Friday, Oct. 16: Muscle Memory

Thursday, Oct. 15: Testing the 100

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Happy Birthday…Ready to Race?

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Night and Day

Monday, Oct. 12: Mmm, Chinese Food

Friday, Oct. 9: Back to Work

Thursday, Oct. 8: Taking My Lumps…to the Doctor

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Learning to Pace

Tuesday, Oct. 6: Snow Day! Sleep Day!

Monday, Oct. 5: A Life Changing Experience

Friday, Oct. 2: I Believe I Can Fly

Thursday, Oct. 1: Different Day, Different Workout

Wednesday, Sept. 30: Seeing Triple

Tuesday, Sept. 29: Time to Apply the Lessons

Monday, Sept. 28: The Countdown Begins...

Friday, Sept. 25: Nap Time!!

Thursday, Sept. 24: Driving on an Empty Tank

Wednesday, Sept. 23: A First…or Two

Tuesday, Sept. 22: The Leader of the Pack

Monday, Sept. 21: Walls Are Important

Friday, Sept. 18: Fighting Disappointment

Thursday, Sept. 17: Two Months and I’ve Come A Long Way

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Picking Up the Pace

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Double Digit Loss, Baby!

Monday, Sept. 14: 'Train'ing ... But Not That Kind

Thursday, Sept. 10: Bidding Farewell to Mantua

Wednesday, Sept. 9: Another Step Forward

Tuesday, Sept. 8: It’s Getting Colder…

Friday, Sept. 4: 'Kick Him' 'Til He's Down

Thursday, Sept. 3: Kicking and Breathing

Wednesday, Sept. 2: Technique Matters Most

Tuesday, Sept. 1: Reach For the Wall, Duh.

Monday, Aug. 31: Getting Ready for Phase Two

Friday, Aug. 28: Setting Up a Fun Race

Thursday, Aug. 27: A Sense of Accomplishment

Wednesday, Aug. 26: Female Muppets and Stupid Flip Turns

Tuesday, Aug. 25: 'Now that's a wide shot.'

Monday, Aug. 24: Six Stages of Swim Workouts

Friday, Aug. 21: Breaststroke = Embarrassment...Again

Thursday, Aug. 20: Ring the Alarm

Wednesday, Aug. 19: Wow, It’s Been a Month

Tuesday, Aug. 18: Christmas Come Early

Monday, Aug. 17: Up in Weight, Down in Everything Else

Friday, Aug. 14: Send Me to the Retirement Home

Thursday, Aug. 13: Postie(s) in the Pool!

Wednesday, Aug. 12: A Very Good Day

Tuesday, Aug. 11: Mother Always Told Me to Share

Monday, Aug. 10: Kids, Don’t Cheat

Friday, Aug. 7: Chapter Two Begins: Endurance Training

Thursday, Aug. 6: A Valuable Lesson

Wednesday, Aug. 5: Mmmmm, Donuts…

Tuesday, Aug. 4: Jeff King Is Kicking My Butt

Monday, Aug. 3: Old Ribbons and Weight Loss Surprises

Friday, July 31: Hitting the Wall

Thursday, July 30: There’s Nothing Like Competition

Wednesday, July 29: Warning, May Cause Sullivanophobia

Tuesday, July 28: Getting Technical

Monday, July 27: Why ‘Baby Beluga’ is My New Theme Song

Friday, July 24: A New Way to Eat

Thursday, July 23: Cramping Up Is No Fun

Wednesday, July 22: Q&A, Dry-land And Why I Chose Curl-Burke

Tuesday, July 21: Tenorio on Washington Post Live

Tuesday, July 21: Flip Turns and Expectations

Monday, July 20: "You're Going To Die."

Sunday, July 19: A Postie in the Pool





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